Ramses Dingenouts
Ramses Dingenouts
Senior Packaging & Identity Design Manager Global Commerce
Heineken - Netherlands

Ramses Dingenouts is the Senior Packaging & Identity Design Manager at Heineken, the global beer brand with its roots and headquarters in Amsterdam, Holland. Prior to joining Heineken International in early 2014, he worked for various Brand-design agencies as a creative director. Ramses was responsible for the creative design of (award-winning, including some Penta Awards) innovative packaging concepts for premium FMCG brands, including Heineken.

He worked on the premium packaging for Heineken but also on the premium sponsor platforms like UCL, RWC, James Bond and Formula 1. These sponsor platforms have proven to be a great brand fit. A success story of a world-class brand that manages to continuously re-invent itself using innovative packaging and label design for the sponsors which excites the Heineken consumers.