Masa Cui
Masa Cui
Founder & Chief Executive
Marie Dalgar - China

Masa Cui, the founder of Beukay’s first consumer brand, Marie Dalgar, began her journey with her iconic mascara. Coming from a non-cosmetic background, there were many ups and downs at the beginning for Masa, but her dedication towards brand development, with a unique sense of vision, and her passion towards beauty made Marie Dalgar what it is today.

Masa is a woman who is sincere and yet has a strong mind, while holds a free and casual attitude towards life and judge fashion with enormous enthusiasm, creativeness and artistic perspective. Through constant innovative, artistic concept and the integration of inspiration, she has committed to building the brand into “the top-notch artistic make-up brand" in China. Since 2017, she leads the brand into over billion RMB operation with over 14,000 pos franchise.

Her unique vision caught the attention of many media authorities in China and her achievements were recognized with awards within the cosmetics industries.