Partner update - Tapì just launched its new identity

Back Partner update - Tapì just launched its new identity

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Uniqueness and functionality: the Tapì concept and the partnership with Pentawards

With our 20 years of experience in the spirits, wine, condiments, beer and cosmetics sectors, here at Tapì , we are very much geared towards the concepts of design, functionality and uniqueness, without forgetting sustainability – a very topical issue in today’s packaging world.

Our closures stem from our continuous search for new materials and innovative techniques. This research has led to the creation of little masterpieces of beauty, that not only enhance the product they are designed for, but also bring out every single detail in the packaging as a whole.

Uniqueness inside, beauty on top: a tagline that comes from our new corporate Brand Architecture, rooted in the concepts of uniqueness, design and beauty on which our closures are based.

“Uniqueness”, linked to our customers’ products which we carefully seal with all of our heart, “Beauty” as an aesthetic and functional concept inherent in our packaging-enhancing design creations.

A new identity that amplifies the brand as a whole, and the Business Units that make it up:

- Tapì Collection , a perfect blend of design, innovation and quality materials;

- Tapì Signature , which embodies stylistic elements expressing prestige and elegance;

- Tapì Revò , our creative workshop where we study and develop new product and service solutions, with the focus on functionality and environmental sustainability.

Three separate – yet perfectly complementary – business units, each helping to make closures that are just like little jewels.

As innovators and as forerunners of market trends, here at Tapì, we’ve decided to renew our identity, with a view to strengthening our presence as a brand of excellence in our specialist markets and taking the lead in the change processes that the packaging world is undergoing.

A concept of innovation and meticulous attention to detail which, among other things, has led us to cement a partnership with Pentawards – one of the most prestigious brands on the world packaging design scene – and for us, that is a great honour.