Nacho Lavernia
Nacho Lavernia

Nacho studied industrial design in Barcelona, ​​but he has been working for not only product design for years, but also graphic design and corporate identity in groups such as La Nave and Gimen and Lavernia.

In 1994 he had as his student today his partner, Alberto Cienfuegos. They created the studio and began to specialize in packaging. Over time they managed to have large companies like Unilever, Delhaize, Zara, Puig, Nivea, Oriflame, Natura, RNB, Kose or Kao Corporation as clients.

Its objective has always been integral projects, in which they could design and control the final result in its entirety, from the 3D design of the packaging to the 2D of the labels. For them, design is communication and packaging is the most powerful link between brand and consumer. So today packaging has gone from being the “silent seller”, as Pilditch baptized it, to being the talking seller, capable of maintaining a dialogue made of perceptions and emotions with the end customer.