Pentawards Conference:

The Power of Design

Feria de Madrid, Madrid,
13 - 14 November 2019

Event Highlight

For the 3rd year, Pentawards partnered with Empack and Packaging Innovations Madrid to bring you the very best in packaging design from across the globe.

The Pentawards conference which focused on ‘The Power of Design’ had some of the top design agencies from across Spain sharing their valuable insights in packaging design. This included; Cabello & Mure, Digital Fish, Auriga, Lavernia & Cienfuegos Design, Morillas and Estudio Maba.

We were also joined by keynote speaker Steve Honour, Innovation Design and Visual Identity Leader from Diageo, UK, who presented “You had me at design”. "You can't predict the future, but you can design it!" Steve shared his insight on how design is in such a pivotal and exciting time right now and going forward.

UPM Raflatac, the world’s leading company for sustainable labelling was joined by Paco Addin from Supperstudio, who hosted a panel discussion exploring the future of packaging design.

Who's speaking?

Steve Honour

Design & Visual Identity Leader, Innovation, Europe & Africa

Diageo - UK

Nacho Lavernia



Enrique Moreno Porrriño


Cabello x Mure

Beatriz Suárez López & Miguel Angel del Baño

Founder/ Strategy Manager & Founder/ Managing Director

Estudio Maba

Clara de Sousa

Art Director


Gonzalo Jaén Muñoz

Creative Director/CEO

Digital Fish

Javier Bidezabal

Creative Director


Eduardo España

Art Director & Copywriter


Joss Ramel

Packaging Solutions Manager

UPM Raflatac

Stefano Pistoni

Business Development Manager, Wine & Spirits, Specials Emeia

UPM Raflatac

Guillermo Alfonso

Creative Director

Avanza Packaging

Iván Navarro

Project Manager



Day 1 - 2 October 2019

Packaging and trends, the value of emotions

We live in a globalized world, within a complex and extremely competitive environment full of visual stimuli that makes making a buying decision increasingly complicated and confusing. The era of data, climate change and more individualistic, practical and impatient lifestyles make brands have to face new strategies to adapt to a constantly changing and evolving scenario. In our talk we can see the latest buying trends and different brands that have positioned themselves with strength and identity in the market attending to a new lifestyle.

Presented by  Enrique Moreno Porriño - CEO of Cabello x Mure

You had me at design

You can't predict the future, but you can design it. We live in a world of great choice and consumers are more brand and design-conscious than ever. To this end, I believe design is in such a pivotal and exciting time right now and going forward. Consumers fully grasp the power of great design and expect it. Great design will have to deliver more than ever before to be valued and trusted, and brands will win or lose on their ability to connect with consumers through design.

Presented by  Steve Honour - Design and Visual Identity Leader, Innovation, Europe & Africa of Diageo UK

**Followed by a 30 mins Q&A and Meet the speakers session

Panel Discussion: Cabello x Mure, Diageo, Supperstudio

Hosted by

Joss Ramel, Packaging Solutions Manager, UPM Raflatac &

Stefano Pistoni, Business Development Manager, Wine & Spirits, Specials Emeia, UPM Raflatac 

Special guest: Paco Addin, Creative Director, Supperstudio

**Followed by a 45 mins Q&A and Meet the speakers session 

The importance of having an updated packaging

Many companies are afraid of change, they believe that making modifications to the packaging that gave them success is literally prohibited, they believe that the consumer will bother and boycott them. The truth is that it is not a matter to be taken lightly since you must first evaluate the aspects that have kept this design for so long intact and what values are at stake. The re-design is only a matter of time, sooner or later it must be updated, the reason is that the marketing strategies change and with them the concepts that must be based on the appearance of the product, on the other hand we must take into account that our consumer older will disappear and that new consumers will receive stimuli from old and new products and it is for the latter that a product despite having a long history, should not be seen as obsolete.

Presented by Gonzalo Jaén Muñoz - Creative Director of Digital Fish

Producing ideas

The presentation will be dedicated to packaging design focused on industrial production. Two successful stories will be presented and carried out from Avanza Packaging: the design and production of Corazon Guajiro and the famous gazpachos and salmorejos by García Millán. In addition, we will explain the working methodology within the studio to develop the image and packaging of the product in the food and beverage sector

Presented by Guillermo Alfonso - Creative Director of Avanza Packaging

**Followed by a 30 mins Q&A and Meet the speakers session

Day 2 - 3 October 2019

Unboxing experiences

In a world where messages no longer relevant, user experience is defining the new way of communication. A hurricane that destroys everything but leaves the packaging, design and creativity in a privileged place and at the same time comes great responsibility. Now our work is about generating experiences.

Presented by

Javier Bidezabal - Creative Director of Auriga

Joahana Dueñas - Art Director of Auriga

Eduardo España - Art Director & Copywriter of Auriga

Luxury popularization

15 or 20 years ago the distributor brands hardly paid attention to perfume products, which were presented in standard packages, without any personality and with the only defence of their low price. The first decade of this century was a radical change. The design managed to bring beauty products with the attributes and qualities of luxury to the main distribution lines but at affordable prices. In this talk, we will see the work that the Lavernia & Cienfuegos team carried out in this field during those years.

Presented by  Nacho Lavernia - CEO of Lavernia & Cienfuegos

**Followed by a 30 mins Q&A and Meet the speakers session

Packaging: meet your winning horse

If you're working in a fast-moving industry, creativity must be part of your strategic journey. During the presentation, we're going to go through high impact creative projects that have influenced not only the company's P&L but the standards of a bunch of different industries, markets and sectors. We're going to try to depict what we consider the key ingredients of a successful creative strategy and how investing in them is part of a leading strategy vs a lagging one. If you want to know how creativity as a whole and be a winning horse for your organization or your career join us!

Presented by Clara de Sousa - Art Director of Morillas

The designer as partner

Maba raises a reflection on the capacity and also the responsibility of the designer as a fundamental actor in a project. Connecting brands, meanings and people, both in search of objectives and an inspiring result, can make a big difference in the life of a product. From this perspective, some cases will be analysed to discuss the depth that a design team can give to the thought, strategy and outcome of a project.

Presented by 

Beatriz Suárez López - Founder& Strategy Manager of Estudio Maba

Miguel Angel del Baño - Founder & Managing Director of Estudio Maba

**Followed by a 30 mins Q&A and Meet the speakers session

Case study: the development of biodegradable and compostable packaging

A case study showing how to replace traditional plastics and contribute to a greener planet. Our products come from vegetable products such as sugar cane, corn or beets, and biodegradable, in addition to being compostable; which means that bioplastics are converted into CO2, fertilizer and water in a maximum of 6 months, under industrial conditions. This is precisely the requirement set by the European Union for 2030 (European Standard EN-13432) in order to help packaging manufacturers comply with the regulations while caring for the environment.

Presented by Iván Navarro, Project Manager of ADBioplastics

**Followed by a 15 mins Q&A and Meet the speaker session

Practical Information

13 - 14 November 2019

Opening time:

13 November 2019: 10:00 - 18:30

14 November 2019: 10:00 - 18:30


Feria de Madrid - Hall 3 and 5, Madrid,

Avenida Partenón 5,

28042 Madrid