Pentawards Conference:

The Power of Design

Nekkerhal Mechelen
23 - 24 October 2019

Event Highlights

Packaging design is all around us, it engages our communities, splits opinions and plays a huge role in our lives.

The Pentawards brings together a hand-picked selection of winners, rocks stars from international brands and design agencies, who will explore this theme, reveal the creative insight and design thinking that has formed the basis of their work.

Ask yourself how powerful is design?


Who's speaking?


Global Head of Brand Identity & Design

Bruno Singulani


Branding & Packaging Design Manager

Tatiana Ryfer

Tigre Blanc


Mareva Essia

Quatre Mains

Creative Director

Joseph Robinson

Butterfly Cannon


Natalie Alexander

Studio Kluif

Creative Director

Paul Roeters

Butterfly Cannon


Jon Davies


Day 1 - 23 October 2019


Jon Davies / Co-Founder / Butterfly Cannon

Natalie Alexander / Co-Founder / Butterfly Cannon

The role of private label: From a retailer's brand to a brand's retailer

Tatiana Ryfer / Branding & Visual Identity Manager / Carrefour

Does your brand pack a punch?

How packaging design is more than just pretty graphics but should act as a storytelling enabler and brand building instigator

Joseph Robinson / Creative Director / Quatre Mains

Mareva Essia / President / Tigre Blanc Paris

Day 2 - 24 October 2019

Paul Roeters / Creative Director / Studio Kluif

Bruno Singulani / Global Head of Brand Identity & Design - Food Business / Nestle

Designing Growth though Sustainability

Never before have we needed designers to play such an important role at such a critical time. Design is key to building a future of sustainable and responsible growth. Nick Dormon talks about how we need to use the power of design to nudge people towards better behaviours and habits, how we need to create a new desirable aesthetic for sustainable materials and products. He discusses how we need to show science and technology in a positive light if we are to feed and care for 10 billion people, and how we should celebrate our supply chains if we are to realise value in the millions of people who produce our goods.

Nick Dormon / Managing Directorr / Echo

Practical Information

23 - 24 October 2019

Opening time:

23 October 2019: 10:00 - 18:00

24 October 2019: 10:00 - 17:00


Nekkerhal – Brussels North

Plattebeekstraat 1

BE-2800 Mechelen


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