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Madrid, Spain
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Employees: 11 – 50
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Behind lacía, there is a team composed of real people. We are highly experienced, but down-to-earth, genuine and very approachable professionals. We value our Mediterranean soul. We care about our people, our customers and our collaborators and act as a catalyst for ideas, promoting a warm approach focused on networking.

We are based in Madrid, Spain, where we have been working for 20 years serving over 70 companies worldwide, especially businesses operating in Europe.

lacía offers innovative packaging, as it has never been made before, in response to those who seek packaging that increases brand perception and goes beyond the industry standard, while enhancing its strategic dimension and bran identity of their products. Stepping out into the unknown always represents an opportunity for us. Lacía fosters a space for brands and shoppers to truly connect and establish genuine links and relationships.


Sturios, an innovative caviar

In the world of caviar, exclusiveness and elegance are recognised as paramount. When we began working with Sturios, we set ourselves a clear goal: differentiate the brand from its competitors through a highly unique, authentic and memorable concept. We aimed at going beyond the traditional rules of this segment, so that to present a brand with a different style, conveying the personality of its founder, a bold and visionary entrepreneur. When designing this brand identity, we drew upon the aesthetic of the roaring 1920s, when caviar became a symbol of status and prestige. Consequently, we created a unique element, with many possible readings, for this brand: a sturgeon, which is the source of this product; an eye, symbolising a company in the pursuit of the best caviar worldwide; and finally, the Nazar, an eye-shaped amulet believed to bring good fortune and luck in many cultures.

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