PeiPei Xu 许培培
PeiPei Xu 许培培
Founder & Managing Director 创办人&总经理
Shanghai Candoo Paper Co., Ltd. 上海正度纸业

PeiPei Xu is the founder of Shanghai Candoo Paper and an enthusiast of paper. She quit her job as a lecturer at university and founded the company Candoo Paper in 2004, and is dedicated to supplying Chinese designers and brands with worldwide leading paper.

Candoo Paper has been the distributor in east China of premium papers, bookbinding cloth, PU and flocking paper from Italy and France. In 2010 and 2013, it became the partner of both G. F SMITH from the UK and GMUND from Germany.

With respect for original and craftsmanship in mind, PeiPei became the ambassador of the independent brand of worldwide leading papers. Inspired by the artisan spirit of the papermaker, “Candoo paper” endeavours to promote papers with high quality, aesthetics and sustainability.