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Reflex Group is a UK based company offering a number of services including design, prototyping and print. Reflex service some of Europe’s best-loved brands and supply a whole range of packaging products from printed labels, printed film and pouches, right through to cartons and sleeves. Reflex offers a unique linear approach from brand inception to shelf.

Operating across many markets, including beverages, food, and health and beauty, Reflex help brands achieve 'Shelf Presence', in a creative, premium and sustainable way. We speak to Melissa Aplin, Marketing Manager at Reflex to find out more.

What exactly is 'Shelf Presence'?

‘Shelf Presence’ is essentially how a product appears on shelf. To have a good shelf presence means the product stands out against the others and the consumer is drawn to it. We work with brands to create exceptional shelf presence using substrates and embellishments through Proof+, which is our global state-of-the-art prototyping capability that forms part of the linear approach to print that the Reflex Group has to offer and is often the start of the creative process.

Essentially if a consumer has never tried a product before, the label or pack design is going to be an important factor in determining whether they pick the product off the shelf. Our Proof+ capabilities enable brand owners the ability to visualize, touch and test the shelf presence before the product launches.

Can you give us an example of a product that you've worked on to acheive this?

A good example would be a new product launch for Ditchling Spirits for their Ditchling Gin product. We worked on this project from concept to finished label.

Collaboration with Proof+ and Ditchling began at the very beginning of the creative stage with Graphic Brands (part of the Reflex Group). Reflex is able to do this, as we fully understand the creative process.

Once Ditchling were happy with the design, we produced Proof+ proofs so that they could see and feel exactly how their label would appear as a carbon copy of the final product, which is a 100% representation for colour and all embellishments.

After the Proof+ was approved, we went to press with the labels, using the Proof+ as a standard for all elements of the label. The product actually then went on to win a silver medal in the Global Spirit Masters amongst other gold accolades and awards.

You mention Proof+ proofs, what are these?

Proof+ is our creative proofing service that enables brand owners the ability to visualise their brands before they go to print. This process can be utilised across all packaging formats creating a printable carbon copy. All of this is achieved through proprietary and intelligent software that enables Proof+ to replicate the final design as it would be in real life and fully achievable at the printing stage. These are created using our expert industry knowledge, leading-edge technology and in collaboration with all of our raw material suppliers. This means we use the exact same substrates, inks and foils that would be required for the final product. Proof+ can be managed via our online portal, giving brand owners full flexibility and visibility of their product launches.

Proof+ meets ISO standards inclusive of 39L, spot colours matched to DE2000, CXF encapsulation for brand colours, decorative tactile varnish exceeding 60 micron, matching industry standard levels on varnishes (Gloss Unit), embossing, debossing, foil (hot & cold), and the ability to set colour standards before going to press.

Tell us a little more about the other services Reflex has to offer.

We see Reflex as the destination where product launces are effortlessly seamed end-to-end, from creative prototyping all the way through to print. Where flexiblitity and speed to market help you with time critical launches and where colour no longer needs to be the villain, but rather matched exactly to tell your brand story the way you intended. After all, every brand tells a story and our aim is to interpret each story on pack, the way the way it is intended. We aim to solve problems, advise and ensure that the finished pack is exactly how it was first imagined, by bringing concepts to life.

When it comes to printing, Reflex truly understands how to print our customers brand masterpieces, through state-of-the-art print operations in flexo, litho and digital. Products including, but are not limited to, printed pack labels, shrink sleeves, lidding film, pouches, cartons, sleeves, marketing materials (brochures & flyers etc.) and Point of Sale.

Reflex have a world leading colour management system which ensures that brand colours are consistent time-after-time. Colour, label substrate, alongside print effects such as, embellishments, foils and varnishes etc. all impact the strengthening of the brand identity hoped for.

Sustainability in packaging is something that Reflex works hard to acheive. How do you bring this in to your packaging?

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do here at Reflex and is engrained in our DNA. Not only do we work with our raw material suppliers to source sustainable options for our customers, but also what we do in our operations reflect our sustainable goals and ethos.

A few sustainability initiatives we have worked on in recent years include, LED lighting across all sites, wall-mounted wind turbines, a hybrid fleet, green energy, zero-to-landfill across several sites and investment in state-of-the-art machinery which yields reduction in both energy usage and waste. Reflex is also proudly beyond net zero as of 2019.

hinery which yields reduction in both energy usage and waste.

Where can I find out more about Reflex?

You can find us online at , and also on Linkedin and Twitter . We also work a lot on customer engagement and regularly hold specific events to educate our customers and understand their needs. We also regularly offer virtual tours of our Proof+ capabilities.