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Prompt Design is a multiple Pentawards winner, having won 14 Pentawards over the years. It's also one of the top packaging design agencies in Thailand, famous for its ability to develop truly distinctive and innovative designs for their clients. Today, we interview Somchana Kangwarnjit, the founder & creative director of Prompt Design, to share his secret to success.

Can you tell us a little bit about Prompt Design and the agency's motivation?

Prompt Design was established in 2008 with the aim of enhancing the potential of brands through the power of design and creating sustainable brands of the future.

We search for differences to attain an accurate brand differentiation strategy. If the brand has no significant difference, we will help with product development and strengthen the brand through a powerful force of design. We believe that the basis of the brand is essential and brand communication through good design is very important.

Our work 4LIFE MINERAL WATER by DOI CHAANG 4LIFE MINERAL WATER is a good example. This impressive work sees new and interesting communication of mineral water developed through wildlife living in abundant fertile forests. The graphic design simply depicts the wavy lines which illustrate how the animals live their lives with the water resource. To our knowledge, no product of mineral water category has introduced the package showing the display of animals living in the water environment.

What makes Prompt Design stand out from other design agencies?

We have developed a specific in-house tool called " Differentiation Checklists™ " which will assist and enable us in building differentiation toward our extreme design. We believe that differentiation can be systematically realized.

Our work system is generally similar to most design houses but we mainly place the focus to the customers and market. The most challenging concept to us is that there is "no best design but it's only best at a certain time". As time passes, a once good design may become mediocre. There will be more new concepts and new amazing designs to come. This is our challenge!

How do you stay creative and find inspiration?

We think that creativity has to do fundamentally with love to seek and learn more information - not only information in design but in information can be linked or applicable later. For example, when we study types of ghosts or explore the information of countries in various parts of the world, which may be useful in our work later on. The more information we learn, the more advantage we have in doing design.

Bangkok is the design capital in South East Asia, what is the market like there? What’s special about Thai designs?

Thailand is rich in culture, art, heritage and history, meticulousness and Thai wisdom. Thai people's speciality has fun-loving, humorous character and can smile even intense situation. Foreigners often call Thailand " Land of Smile ". This reflects upon most Thai design especially in commercial movies which mostly add humour to a heartfelt story. 

How do you think packaging design will change in the future? How are you preparing for this?

I personally understand that the Covid-19 pandemic is the catalyst driving more people to go online which is quite unprecedented. After COVID we will see more emerging development in delivery packaging, transportation packaging and logistic packaging. In particular, there will be rising trends in new environmentally friendly materials to replace ubiquitous plastic - we may possibly go back to the old-time home milk delivery in 1920 where a bottle was being sent down to your doorstep. Consequently, the need for packaging will continually decrease which poses a major challenge to the packaging industry.

We seek to build a business partnership with other brands so that we can support our clients in all communications including giving advice, brand direction, new product or channel, new campaign as well as control all these to be in harmony. As a result, our clients have virtually our professional team in service at all times.

What is your advice for the next generation of young designers?

The new generation designers have the advantage of freshness and energy but still, require extensive experience. Therefore continuous search for new information and broadening your knowledge is essential and indispensable. 

You are a multiple Pentawards winner, what has this meant for you?

To me, the Pentawards competition serves as a benchmarking tool for our team performance. Pentawards is one of widely and internationally accepted testing criteria for most designers. And Pentawards is deemed to be a brain sharpener for us to be always ready for practice and competition in every year.

Prompt Design has received 14 awards so far since we first started submitting entries in 2010. Every prize awarded has been meaningful to our business and perceived as trustworthy testimonials by most of our clients. Prompt Design has grown together with Pentawards competition since our inception.

Some of the Pentawards winning design from Prompt Design

Please tell us about a couple of your favourite designs from the past few years.

SRISANGDAO RICE SRISANGDAO RICE is one our proudest works,   for its innovative eco-friendly material. For over a year and a half, we researched packaging that used chaffs - the natural waste from the rice husking process - which is dye-formed into a package box.

RAIMAIJON SUGARCANE JUICE is also our admirable achievement, which was also a 2018 Pentawawrds winner. Not only the simple brand communication but also the power of design boosted sales of the product, making it a life-changing package of the brand owner. Now the business has grown considerably and this product is being exported to many countries worldwide.

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