Capital of Design sessions

at National Hall, Olympia London
21 & 22 September 2022

Pentawards partnered with London Packaging Week 2022 to host a series talks focusing the spotlight on the latest and hottest design trends in packaging design, presenting insights from agencies in the world’s design capital: London.

The one-day conference featured leading agencies and brands including Elmwood, Blond, This Way Up and more. 

Wednesday 21st September

The Architect, The Artist, and The Activist: A new mindset for building brands that people truly care about

Having a brand purpose that stands out from the crowd is one thing. Connecting with your audience on a visceral level is quite another. Join Elmwood London’s Craig Barnes as he discusses the mindset required to build brands that people truly care about.

The purposeful refillable

Consumer behaviour is driving change, but are designers steering this change in the right direction? Producers & designers need to ensure the context & hierarchy of needs for refill solutions are being taken into consideration – such as making the choice between compostable or recyclable materials. James Melia probes the movement and its application, looking at how we can avoid accidental greenwashing.

Beauty & Drinks Innovators

Developing a brand vision in world full of food scepticism

How do brands create a compelling brand vision in a world where consumer food scepticism is so powerful. The rise of plant-based foods and the subsequent decline of many leading plant-based meat brands illustrates the minefield that is consumer faith in brands that are perceived as planet friendly. How do brands create compelling vision that can inspire consumers through packaging? How do they live up to their own high ambitions? How are brands tackling this issue and bringing their own consumers into the conversation. And how is a vision best communicated when so many consumers shop on autopilot or by price?

Desirable Sustainability: How to be wanted

One of our core beliefs is that change begins at the top. And as we are typically are involved in building brands from the ground up, we have the unique opportunity to be able to incorporate sustainable practices into client brand strategies from the off, and take a circular approach to packaging design prioritising restorative and regenerative materials into our solutions.By understanding the journey of materials we believe that by making sustainable choices at the beginning of the process we can help to remove the responsibility of waste and recycling from the end user, ultimately closing the loop on waste.

Wine and Spirits labeling insights - Labels sell the first bottle

Wine and Spirits labels must be able to inspire increase brand awareness and intrigue the consumers and premiumization is a major key to success. How to choose the right label material? How designers can help brands to stand out? Can trends assist brands to navigate new markets? From digital label design to production Upm Raflatac and Graphic Brands will guide you in the label design journey

Design for disruption: Inside the challenger brand's playbook

As the food and drink category navigates these changing times, there has been a lot of talk about innovating to win. Is your brand being disrupted by the external, or are you in the driving seat, creating change? Challenger brands have been bringing fresh ideas and innovations to markets that were all too often becoming stale. To stay relevant, inspire devotion in your consumers, and avoid external disruption, large corporations need to start adopting some challenger behaviours too. Kelly will speak about how Challenger brands 'Design to Disrupt', from a brand story to building a brand, for effective challenger brand packaging.

This session will be held in the FMCG & Future Makers Stage

About London Packaging Week

We are proud to be part of London Packaging Week – a series of four events bringing a new, sharper focus on packaging development for the capital’s key luxury and FMCG markets. The event is a unique new meeting place for packaging designers, technologists and suppliers in the capital and a must for London's packaging community.

The Pentawards Winners’ Exhibit

The Pentawards Winners’ Exhibit is an exclusive display showcasing 2022 competition winners. This is a unique opportunity to gain a global perspective of the best and most creative achievements in packaging design from 2022.