Marta Suslow
Marta Suslow
Innovation & Sustainability Expert
Royal College of Art

Marta’s packaging design journey started back in 2012 during her studies of Industrial Design in Berlin.

Together with a classmate, she designed the packaging concept “Butter Plus” that was eventually patented and sold to the Weidenhammer Packaging Group. The idea was voted amongst the 50 best projects of 2015 by “Packaging of the World”. Her professional background includes agencies, start-ups, and R&D departments with projects for companies such as Henkel, Conde Nast, or McKinsey.

After working for several years as a packaging concept designer at Beiersdorf for brands such as NIVEA, Labello, or Eucerin, Marta recently started her new position of a sustainability manager for product innovation. She is responsible for the launch of the first ever NIVEA shower gel refill station which promotes the idea of a circular economy and has won major industry awards.

She was also the lead designer for Beiersdorf’s newly launched skincare brand “O.W.N” that combines the two key trends of sustainability and personalization. (The "O.W.N." launch was recently featured by World Brand Design Society and The Dieline, the biggest packaging and brand design blogs in the world.)

Marta believes in lifelong learning and is continuing her education on topics related to the circular economy in addition to her regular job. Last year she was a selected participant on Ellen MacArthur Foundation's “From Linear to Circular London'' online programme where she had the chance to learn from major experts in the industry and to connect with pioneers from around the world.

Marta believes in a holistic, both scientific and artistic approach towards design and the idea of “design doing” and “STEAM learning”: “Nowadays the connection between sustainability, creativity and technology is the major challenge the industry has to face. Only a product that perfectly unites all these aspects can convince the consumer - The search for new technologies, the creation of a distinctive design and the ability to set new technological trends are key to success.”