Join us in making a difference

Design shapes our world, yet our industry doesn’t reflect our society. Vital Hardware is a non-profit with a mission to empower talented young individuals from underprivileged backgrounds, by providing them with essential hardware and software tools.

Pentawards is supporting this initiative through donation and by encouraging our global network and community to get involved and help them reach even further in their efforts.

It’s time to make creative careers accessible to all, one laptop at a time.

It’s time to make creative careers accessible to all, one laptop at a time.


Vital Hardware's mission is to empower the creative sector by providing essential resources to talented young individuals living in disadvantaged communities.

Their focus is on accelerating the entry of these aspiring creatives into the UK’s creative industry, by  collaborating with leading educators, schools, and world-class creative businesses.


Your support can make a meaningful impact on their journey towards success, help us create opportunities by:

1. Donating preloved / unused laptops / Apple equipment.

2. Fund support Vital Hardware to continue their work and enable them to purchase refurbished laptops, accessories and software to support students throughout their journey.

3. Volunteer to speak at schools and help inspire the next generation of creatives.


We are happy to take all laptops and accessories, ideally no older than 2017. We have also found homes for tablets, desktops and Windows laptops. If possible, please reset any hardware back to reset factory settings.

Delivery address for hardware:

FAO: Emmelie Evans (Pentawards),

Easyfairs UK ltd2nd Floor,

Regal House,

70 London Road,

Twickenham, TW1 3QS.

" The creative industry should not be for the wealthy, it should be for the inspired. "

Tom Philipson, Vital Hardware Founder