The Pentawards Spring Festival was back on 23 March.

Leading packaging design experts explored different ways in which design can be used for positive change, whether that be in the materials used to promote sustainability, the use of graphic design or smart technology to highlight societal issues, or opportunities for designers to galvanise positive change in consumers’ lives.


Design for positive change: How brands can make a difference

Brands have a significant impact on the world we live in. But how can we imagine new solutions, challenge the status quo and create a better future?

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Global Head of Design & Brand Experience
Reckitt - UK
The beauty in purposeful design

Lara's online session explores the concept of purposeful design through engaging discussions and examples, providing insight into the significance of balancing beauty and purpose to enhance user experience and tackle the needs of a more diverse audience.

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Head of Marketing Operations & Strategy
Blueair (Unilever) - UK
From trying to cope to full of hope

A session on how design can be used as a positive driver in our chaotic modern times. How can an already super friendly food-tech innovation be amplified to reach a new dimension? And how can an individual problem turn into a matter of pride and belonging? Join Johanna from Pond Design, sharing her perspective and the benefits of dopamine filled and inclusive design thinking.

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Managing Partner
Pond Design - Sweden
Making purpose beautiful & less mean more

The power of creativity means that ethics and sustainability do not need to come at the expense of beauty. In this talk, Jennie Potts from B&B studio will share examples of brand design that wins hearts through desire, then minds through purpose and sustainability.

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Associate Creative Director
B&B Studio