Any packaging that has been created and released to market anywhere in the world after 1st January 2019.

Concept entries are accepted as long as the concept is original and has not previously marketed or created.

A physical package must be available (produced) before 1st May 2020 (except for Concept categories).

No, the first round of jury deliberations only require entrants to upload (JPEG – RGB).

If your entry is shortlisted for the second round of jury deliberations, then you will be asked to send the physical sample(s) between 18th May and 5th June.

Physical samples are not required for concept entries.

Freelance designers, design agencies, brands, branding agencies, brand owners, manufacturers, suppliers and students all within packaging.

You are eligible if you are involved in the design, production or marketing of the packaging.

Use your judgement and expertise to establish which one of the fifty-seven categories the packaging should be entered in to.

The international jury withhold the right to assign an entry to a different category, if they deem it in the best interests of the entry to do so.

The call for entries will from 10 February – 27 March.

Entries will close on the Friday 27 March 2020 at midnight, GMT.

There will be no deadline extension

You can enter the Pentawards 2020 via the new awards portal.

Once you have registered you will be able to access the new entry features including a smoother entry process, the ability to save and resume entries, the ability to track the status of entries and a dedicated online shop, where winners can easily order trophies and certificates with customisations.

Register to enter the 2020 Pentawards here .

The judging criteria will maximise your chances of success by outlining exactly what the International Jury will be looking for when judging your creations.  Judges will be required to give a score out of five for each section of the criteria. The scores will then be combined to provide an overall score out of twenty. The combined score out of twenty is what entrants will be able to benchmark against the Global Pentawards Standard in their category.

Judging Criteria

Quality of Design
- Judges are looking for excellent graphic and structural design, considering aspects such as typography, artwork, the logo or brand name, use of colour, as well as structural aspects such as shape, form and silhouette.

Brand Expression - Judges score how effectively the graphic and (if appropriate) structural design of the pack or range expresses the personality, characteristics or story of the brand.

Creativity & Innovation - Judges score the pack or range for the quality of innovation, originality and creativity of the design. Where entries are a revamp or a limited edition of an existing brand, judges are asked to score on the effectiveness of the new design compared to the previous design.

Emotional Connection - Judges score whether they like the pack overall, how they responded to it emotionally and whether they believe that it will elicit a positive response in its target market.

In total there are five main award distinctions; bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

Each fifty-seven sub categories can have a maximum of two bronze winners, two silver winners and one gold winner.

Each of the five main categories will have one overall platinum winner.

One diamond award will be given to the best entry of the awards edition.

The best of the student entries will be awarded the NXT-GEN award.

The 2020 winners will be publicised at the Official Pentawards Gala Ceremony.

All notified winners must keep their success confidential until officially announced by Pentawards.

All winners will have a dedicated feature page in the Winners directory on the Official Pentawards website.

Pentawards will distribute press releases globally detailing all winners. Pentawards results are often found in global mainstream and trade press, including print, web articles and blogs.

Pentawards' official publishing partner; TASCHEN, will publish the 6th The Package Design Book volume on the Pentawards, in autumn 2020. The 400+ page, hardcover book will feature all Pentaward winners from the 2019 and 2020 awards. Fifteen-thousand copies will be printed and distributed globally.


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