Choose Planet A (The Good Cup™)
9F Pilkem Commercial Centre, 8 Pilkem Street,
Hong Kong
Employees: 2 – 10
Beverages Concept Manufacturer/Supplier Sustainability

Choose Planet A exist to protect the planet by helping brand owners, manufacturers and distributors in the food and beverage industry to meet rigorous sustainability goals, elevate consumer experience, increase brand loyalty and reduce costs with patented, cutting edge packaging solutions.

Their first innovation, The Good Cup™ is a revolutionary all-in-one design, featuring an integrated paper lid and convenient sip hole for both hot/cold beverages and food to go. The inner coating is certified plastic-free by Flustix, recyclable in paper stream and compostable, removing all need for plastic! Embracing The Good Cup™ results in a remarkable 30% reduction in storage space and transportation volume, leading to substantial cost savings. Recognised with 9 international awards in 2023, including TIME Magazine's Best Inventions and Pentawards. The Good Cup™ stands as the ideal responsible choice for both sustainability and any business.

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We look forward to chatting soon and saying Goodbye to Plastic Lids together!

Mr Cyril Drouet
Managing Director
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