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how to enter

Recognised as the world’s leading packaging design competition, winning a Pentaward is a top achievement for any packaging design agency, brand or student that takes part.

Below you'll find everything you need to prepare and submit your winning entries to impress the International Jury, including entry specifications, judging criteria and our downloadable user guide.


Please note, the 2024 competition user guide is coming soon. For the 2024 categories, please see here.


Any packaging that has been created and released to market anywhere in the world between 1st July 2022 and June 2024 is eligible for entry into the 2024 competition. Works that have been submitted previously into the competition should not be submitted again.



Give your work the best chance of winning a coveted award by preparing your entries correctly. Entries will need to include:

1-5 Visuals

Photographs or digital renders of packaging in Jpeg and RGB format. The minimum individual file size is 500KB. No Zip, Stuffit or compressed files.

Project Description

Describe the project and consider the judging criteria, referencing quality of design, brand expression, creativity & innovation and emotional connection. Maximum 200 words.


Giving credit to individuals who have contributed to the project is very important. If your entry is awarded, these credits will be published online and in the globally distributed The Package Design Book.


Judging Criteria


Judges are looking for excellent graphic and structural design, considering aspects such as typography, artwork, the logo or brand name, use of colour, as well as structural aspects such as shape, form and silhouette.


Judges score how effectively the graphic and (if appropriate) structural design of the pack or range expresses the personality, characteristics or story of the brand.


Judges score the pack or range for its originality and creativity, considering also innovation in areas currently driving the industry, such as sustainability, inclusive design, smart technology, etc. For re-designs, judges are asked to score on the effectiveness of the new design compared to the previous design.


Judges score whether they like the pack overall, how they responded to it emotionally and whether they believe that it will elicit a positive response in its target market.


If entering this category, you will need to include information on why the pack is sustainable, including the materials used and their impact on the environment. Judges will be looking for evidence of optimisation in the environmental performance of the packs, as well as the branding and innovation in the pack design


Take a look through our FAQs or get in touch with the Pentawards Team either via, contact at +44 7438022161, or by leaving us a message via the gold icon at the bottom right of your screen.