As part of Easyfairs, Pentawards is committed to running our events in an environmentally and socially responsible manner by:

✔️ Reducing our environmental impact

✔️ Fostering innovations in designs, materials and more

✔️ Embracing diversity and inclusion in all its dimensions

✔️ Supporting our communities in their transition to a durable economy

The international jury

Year on year as we grow and develop our jury panel, we continue to strive for a more diverse mix of nationalities, ages, genders, educations, skill sets and experiences. And for the first time ever, our 2024 Jury Panel includes more female representatives than male ones.

our international community

We have a strong community of global brands, design agencies, students, suppliers and manufacturers within our community. We are committed to connecting the global packaging community and recognising excellence in design from all countries and cultures.

For impactful and responsible events

As part of the Easyfairs group, we are members of the Net Zero Carbon Events pledge and commit to being net zero by 2050 and to halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

When it comes to food we select suppliers that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, and improving waste management, as well as those who are conscious of their social and economic impact. For both the Festival and Gala, our food suppliers sourced locally and base their menus on the season. 

When it comes to running our events, everything is reusable except for our signage, which is kept to a minimum and is fully recyclable, comprised of 5mm thick swedboard and recyclable ink.


An ESG scorecard developed by Easyfairs has been in place in 2022. Easyfairs hosts hundreds of events every year, so the scorecard is used as a benchmark across its events as a way for us to evaluate our performance and understand where we might improve.

The standards range from Bronze, Silver and Gold to Platinum. Here are our latest scores:


2023 - Gold (18 out of 20); 2022 - Bronze (15 out of 20)


These are some of the reasons why the Pentawards Gala Ceremony received the ESG Gold Standard: 

✔️ No red meat served during event, vegetarian starters for all

✔️ Caterer with sustainable sourcing policies

✔️ No printed event brochures

✔️ Digital signage or made of eco-friendly or recyclable materials

✔️ Working with local suppliers for both materials and catering

As we move into 2024, we look forward to building on this and learning more about hosting responsible events.