Founded in 2007, Pentawards is committed to recognising excellence in design, providing a source of inspiration and connecting the global packaging community through our annual competition, international conferences, digital events, and more.

The pentagon is the official symbol of Pentawards for five reasons. The pentagon is the shape of the historic city centre in Brussels - where the competition was founded, the pentagram is the ancient symbol of beauty, there are five fingers on the hand - an important design tool for humans, the Pentawards has five different award levels and humans have five main senses in which inspiration is taken from.



Since 2007, Pentawards has been recognising global excellence in packaging design through its annual competition. In just 16 years the competition has received in excess of 30,000 entries from over 95 countries, with winners making their mark on the global packaging stage.

The Gala Ceremony is held in a different location each year, with various brands, design agencies, students and packaging experts from across the world coming together to celebrate the winning works. 



Our international jury is made up of individuals of the highest calibre in packaging design and colourfully represents the global spectrum of packaging. It includes experts from Diageo, Microsoft, Stranger & Stranger, Coty, Pentagram, and WWF.

Year after year, this eclectic group of individuals are faced with the task of reaching a unanimous decision on which packaging designs will have truly universal appeal and should be recognised with the international Pentawards distinction.



As the Pentawards community has grown, so too has its position as a connector between the various layers within the packaging value chain.

This unique position has enabled Pentawards to use its extensive networks to host events that create space where thought leaders and creative innovators across each pillar within the packaging value chain.

Through our Pentawards Festival, Gala Ceremonies and Travelling Exhibitions, Pentawards has become a benchmark for global inspiration.



The Package Design Book, published by TASCHEN, is the ultimate packaging design book, showcasing over 500 winning designs from the world's premier packaging design competition from agencies, students, freelancers, and companies from more than 45 countries from a variety of products, including beauty, beverage, household goods, food, and luxury items and pieces developed by students and professionals pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

The 7th edition is set to be released in early 2023 and will display all winning works from the 2021 and 2022 Pentawards competition.