Founded in 2007, Pentawards is the leading global platform and community for packaging design.

Pentawards is committed to recognising excellence in design, providing a source of inspiration and connecting the global packaging community, through its annual competition, international conferences, digital events, and more.

With the competition now in its 16th year, since launch it has received in excess of 20,000 entries from over 64 countries, with the winners showcasing some of the world's most innovative, inspiring and powerful packaging designs.

The 2022 competition is now closed but we'll be back on the road again soon for some exciting events. Take a look at our Events Calendar to see what's coming up next.

The 5 senses of Pentawards

You don’t just see design, you touch it, taste it, smell it – YOU FEEL IT!

After years of restrictions, distance and solitude, never have our senses craved stimulation more. We are all indulging in a long-overdue sensorial overload, and design is reflecting that, igniting all of our senses. It feels like a new age in creativity, and it feels good.

The Pentawards celebrates the diverse, tactile, sensorial way in which we experience packaging and creativity.

And winning a Pentaward? Well, that’s the best sensation of all.

Latest news

the: portal

Packaging Design Intelligence.

the:portal is the new online hub that connects the community through award-winning packaging excellence.

Hosted within the:portal is a global packaging design directory, a winners’ archive featuring all competition winners since 2007,

and a league showcasing the latest rankings of the top professional organisations and universities.

Media coverage

Good design stands out. Great design is transparent .

Published by TASCHEN, The Package Design Book is the ultimate packaging design book, featuring over 500 winning works from the world’s leading packaging design competition.

Now in its sixth edition, this exclusive book showcases all winning works from the 2019 and 2020 Pentawards competition, which includes designs from agencies, students, freelancers and brands from more than 45 countries.