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* We are a boutique agency specialising in Branding and Packaging Design, located in the creative hub of Milan. We work with both mainstream and niche brands with equal dedication and attention to detail.

* We are a team of creative and diverse people able to work in partnership with all kinds of national and international companies, from start-ups to large corporations, to create the most effective identity for your brand.

* We are committed to strategy because we consider it the compulsory starting point of our work, the basis for good design and true innovation. We always strive to provide critical and strategic thinking.

* We are passionate about branding and innovation because we think they are key levers for establishing unique and memorable brand positions but also narratives and relationships with infinite creative potential.


Librottiglia. The creation of a brand through two great passions, reading and fine wine. Two great pleasures, wine and reading, come together in a project capable of creating an innovative wine-literary experience. Developed in collaboration with leading wineries, Librottiglia is the first book-label project to contain a story matched, in narrative style and literary genre, to the wine it accompanies.

Algida Classics

Once again, we teamed up with Unilever on the development of the new packaging design of the great Algida classics. Never before have we felt so daring as in this project, and so the unique and inimitable Cremino, Croccante, Fior di Fragola, Liuk, Lemonissimo and Bikini packs have been coloured red for the first time, regaining visibility both in bars and supermarkets through consistent and recognisable redesign.


Reverse has created the visual identity of a new high-end beauty brand, born from the unique expertise of a professional eye care professional. Lashivia is the line designed by Sara Vecchi, Master in permanent makeup, influencer and TV personality, produced by Unilever Italy. This was a challenge that has seen us take care of every part of the project: from naming to design, from communication to point-of-sale materials.

La Punta di Cornetto

Italy’s best-loved ice cream never ceases to surprise us. This time it does so by transforming its most iconic part, the chocolate tip, into a unique and mouth-watering morsel. The brand & packaging design, together with an effective copy, tells the love story between Cornetto fans and its legendary tip with a prestigious and elegant style.


How can we win the trust of today’s parents without losing the authentic charm of a historic brand? By restoring to the packaging that embracing, joyful tone of voice that connects witht the senses and was once evoked by the symbol of the baby with the quiff, through a fresher and more creative packaging design, able to communicate the positive values of the product in a simple and immediate way.

Ispirazioni dal Mondo

Provence, Japan, Turkey. Three countries where ice cream is interpreted with colours and flavours unique to the world. Three inspirations for as many single-flavour cups signed Carte D’Or. Three opportunities to convey these places and flavours through a delicate and sophisticated design, in pure Carte D’Or style, yet with an extra touch of originality.

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