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Beverages Concept Manufacturer/Supplier Sustainability

Product perception, differentiation from the competition, and reduced return rates are all advantages of unique packaging.

At Rollor Packaging, we provide innovative packaging solutions for e-commerce businesses of any product, whether it be fashion, beverages, cosmetics, or other goods.

Sustainability is one of our core values. Therefore, the Rollors are made of paper that is both recycled and FSC-certified, making them a plastic-free mono-material boxes. They are completely recyclable after use and easy to dispose of. In addition to being eye-catching, our patented packaging solutions are environmentally friendly. Our packaging is made in factories all over the world, including one near you.

Extensive testing of Rollor packaging with key shipping partners around the world has been conducted utilizing the most advanced warehouse software and technology. Ready to go: All packaging options have been tested in high-tech transportation hubs.

Make the Rollor match your brand colour scheme if you would like! It is possible to put your logo, any colour or design on the boxes, as well as a second handle, your choice.

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We help businesses create memorable packaging experiences by bringing your retail environment to your customers’ homes and impressing them with a unique sustainable unboxing experience. We think packaging. With you!

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