1814 Maritime Mews
British Columbia
V6H 3X2
Employees: 2 – 10
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We forecast change. We envision an improved tomorrow and we build brands that connect on a human level, rich with emotion. We are located in Vancouver, Canada.

With over 40 years combined experience creating graphic and packaging solutions directly in product industries, from fashion to food, we have developed a sensitivity towards trend awareness, emerging concepts, a finesse for materiality and fine-tuned the foresight required to know exactly when is the right time and place to apply them for each market category.

We approach projects by immersing ourselves in the creation of a brand’s unique and own-able story to create a compelling brand voice, define or redefine existing emotion-laden visual language, design and iterate on-brand touch points and narrate its visual aesthetic by aligning the consumer’s feeling aspirations and emotional needs with the brand’s intrinsic and extrinsic offering—in turn creating a common language which unites, celebrates and bonds more than any other commercial experience. Branding, packaging and retail interiors are much more than simply a logo, package and space—they are transportive and they have the potential to be the ‘vessel’ of your brand story, where authentic, humanistic and emotional offering is kept. The touch points; the logo, marketing, printed assets are signals to the human consumer that your cup is full of good stuff to share.

While we are widely celebrated for our packaging design services, our offering is full gamut: brand naming, research & strategy, copywriting, logo development, packaging design, branded interior and retail experiences, social media visual content, website design, POS assets, branded collaterals and much more.

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Creative Director
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