Pentawards 2023 Special Award winners

In addition to the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners, every year, Pentawards awards special prizes for people who have made remarkable achievements. The special prizes awarded this year include Agency of the Year, Educator of the Year, Design with Purpose, the People's Choice Award and the NXT-GEN award.

Auge Design wins the Design Agency of the Year after winning the Diamond - Best of Show, Food Platinum and other 4 awards in this year’s competition. The awarded designs include CASA MARRAZZO 1934 (Diamond), PICK UP GLOBAL RELAUNCH (Platinum), LEIBNIZ GLOBAL DESIGN RELAUNCH (Gold), CLITA (Silver) and PASTA TIRRENA.

For the first time ever, we’ve partnered with Pantone to create a brand new Special Award. The awarded designs are Istriana by STUDIO TUMPIĆ/PRENC (Gold), BYCOLOR Dental Beauty (Silver), Doritos Rainbow Limited Edition 2022 by PepsiCo (Silver), BY FAR: The Daydream Fragrance Collection by Vincent Villeger (Bronze) and Mozzo Coffee by B&B Studio (Bronze).

This brand new award celebrates packaging design that adds extra value to the needs of its target audience, or to those involved in creation of the product. The winner is drawrope, Japan, for BOSAI GIFT. 

The Bosai Gift was created for the Japanese earthquake prone community and is designed to be given as a gift and displayed rather than hidden away in the cupboard. It holds supplies like water, food and batteries, and it also doubles up as a lantern to help keep families feeling safe during a natural catastrophe.

This brand new award celebrates the exceptional educators who inspire and support their students to achieve remarkable success in academic and creative endeavors.

This year's winner, ELISAVA from spain, has led the students to win 12 Pentawards trophies this year which include Bizarre (Gold), Buckhorn (Gold), Durex: Let's take pleasure seriously (Silver), Wellyum Chocolate (Silver), and Betty Crocker (Bronze).

In addition to professional expert opinions, we listen to the voice of the public. As part of the 2023 competition, we gave our Pentawards Festival attendees a chance to vote for a winning entry, the People's Choice Award. 10 designs were selected and put to the vote at the Pentawards Festival, with Supperstudio's Honeysty winning people's hearts.

Every year, the Pentawards International Jury selects one of the best student works among all categories for the NXT-GEN Award, which this year went to Yun Zhu, Kuwasawa Design School, Japan.

The bottle design draws inspiration from mushrooms, symbolizing diversity and vitality. Its white gradient colour imparts a clean and transparent aesthetic, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Congratulations to all of this year's Special Award winners. For the full list of 2023 winners, please click the button below.