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Aya Codama was born in Osaka in 1983. Representative of BULLET Inc. Fascinated by "designs with material appeal," she creates many works that make full use of materials and printing processes. She has a particularly deep knowledge of packaging, and is the author of the book "Stepping into Package Design." Professor at Tokyo Zokei University. Major awards include Pentawards (platinum), One Show (gold), Cannes Lions, D&AD, iF Design Award, etc.

Japanese sake KOI

It was designed with the aim of creating sake that symbolizes the sake brewery and the pride of Japan. A white bottle was shaped like a Nishikigoi fish, and a red and white pattern was drawn on it with a brush. Niigata Prefecture, where Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery is located, has long been famous for producing Koi, and there is a saying passed down among the sake breweries: "The spirit of Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery is stately Koi."


This design was proposed for PACKAGING INCLUSION, a project that considers the value of packaging that society will demand in the future. "linkcan" is a coined word combining "link" and "can" and refers to a can that links the everyday and the extraordinary. The label is printed with a graphic that uses an abstract illustration of the food inside. This is a design that one would want to keep in a visible place in one's room on a daily basis, yet still be comforting in times of emergency. Many packages of disaster food preserves contain too much textual information, with too much emphasis on practicality. As a result, few people keep them where they can be seen on a daily basis, and it is easy to lose track of where they are when an emergency occurs. We believe that it is precisely because we are in a time of disaster that we need designs that entertain and reassure the mind. The dedicated storage case can hold 21 cans, and the cases can be stacked with each other. The case can also be used as a stool or a small table by placing a board on top.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/ff4607a1-9360-4567-bf6a-2911acb8734f/linkcan_6.jpg
CMYK light bulb package

The "waterless offset printing plate" is a wonderful thing that greatly reduces environmental impact. Moreover, the quality of the printing finish is perfect. Eventually, all printing will be replaced by this "waterless plate". At present, however, many printers and designers are still unaware of the existence of this plate. To raise awareness, we needed to create a promotional tool with impact. Printing with this plate significantly reduces CO2 and VOC emissions, contributing to cleaner production sites and worker health, in addition to preventing air pollution. It is truly a "light" that brightly illuminates the future of the printing industry. To express this, we created a package of light bulbs (which brightly illuminate their surroundings): a typographic design combining the letters of the C, M, Y, and K alphabets and light bulbs. We produced a sample of this waterless printing plate in the form of a package, believing that it should be used for packaging (especially in areas where environmental considerations are needed). At the time of distribution, it is in the form of a single sheet, which can be assembled without adhesives. We dared to use a lot of fine dots in the graphics to show the printing precision.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/a82fa81e-91e8-4309-94b1-66f91058cdb0/CMYK_6.jpg
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