Dearness Only
137 Hartswood Road
W12 9NG
United Kingdom
Employees: 2 – 10
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Dearness only loves you. It has ideas…

It wants to be with you, like in a creepy way. It has your brand in a locket around its neck. It wants to do your packaging over and over again. It thinks there should be songs about you.

It is an independent award-winning creative thing, and it wants to work with you.

Do. was born from James Taylor, an award-winning designer, copywriter and artist. When it’s not working in brooding isolation it forms collectives with other creatives and makers to deliver whatever its clients need.

It believes in ideas, timelessness and honesty.

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With 15 years in the design industry James has worked at leading agencies such as Pearlfisher, BrandOpus and Bulletproof on a range of internationally renowned brands. His skills in not only graphic design, but illustration, painting and writing led him to found Dearness Only. A studio serving innovative start-up and established consumer brands.

Also a tutor and mentor he hopes to instil notions of words and images be equally important in the minds of designers. He believes fully in ideas-led design over style and trend-led thinking and aims to help foster omni-talented creatives.

Mr James Taylor
Founder & Creative Director
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