Derprosa by Taghleef Industries SL
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Derprosa™ is the brand of Taghleef Industries creating the most successful laminating films in the paper and packaging industries since 1988. We specialize in manufacturing films to be bonded to printed and unprinted paper and cardboard that provide protection, barrier, improved appearance and haptic properties which enhance the feel of a product’s surface.
By listening to brand owners, marketers, graphic designers, printers, and print finishers and by observing social trends, we envisage and develop unique laminating films. Paper-made product packaging with Derprosa laminating films stand out visually, feel differentiated to the touch, and result in consumer preference.
Derprosa is the brand which patented DL Soft Touch®, the first tactile laminating film, and which then launched many finish variations and other textures such as Derprosa Sandy.
Nowadays, Derprosa keeps on innovating, powered by the Taghleef Industries Group which has 11 production sites across six continents, six advanced R&D centers, 500,000 tons of film production capacity and 2,900 employees.
Sustainability is core to Derprosa and we continue to join the effort towards a more circular economy. Solutions that support sustainability include our reLIFE™ range: laminating films made with post-consumer chemically recycled plastic, and our NATIVIA® range: laminating films that are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and made from 100% renewable resources. Furthermore, laminated paper and cardboard secondary packaging, books, magazines and commercial printing can also be recycled within the regular paper recycling stream, where the laminating film can be separated from the paper pulp without interference in the process.

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