Colgate-Palmolive, Design Team Europe Africa-Eurasia
Colgate-Palmolive AG, Grabetsmattweg 4106 Therwil
Basel Land
Employees: 500+
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Colgate Design Europe Africa-Eurasia is part of a Global Design Team of Colgate-Palmolive, which counts about 40 designers worldwide. The Europe Africa-Eurasia Design Team, led by Silke Bochat (Head of Design EU AED) until Nov 23, is working on brands such as elmex, meridol, Palmolive, Protex, Colgate, Sanex, Soupline, Ajax etc in across 3 categories – Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care. Colgate’s products are found in 75% of consumer’s homes in the world. The work of the design team ranges from design strategy, brand design (Brand VisID, product design, innovation, package design, digital, POS, retail, spatial) to 360 Brand Experience (Feel, Tone of Voice, User Experience etc), as well as DesignOps (processes, tools, programs, work models, workplace, talent sourcing, etc)