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I am a lecturer from Guangdong Industry Polytechnic, I mainly teach courses on packaging design and illustration design.
We are located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. Our majors include packaging design, visual communication design, game design, industrial design, etc. The college has more than 4,000 students.In the past 20 years, we have trained many excellent designers for the society.

Roly bear

We designed a playable packaging for children's milk beverage products. We learned that after children drink beverages, beverage bottles are usually thrown into the trash can, resulting in a waste of resources. Therefore, we thought about how to reuse the discarded beverage bottles to make the bottle a children's toy. We Referring to the structure of the traditional toy tumbler, the beverage bottle is designed in the form of a tumbler, and the principle of the center of gravity is used to make the beverage bottle in a state that will never fall down. After drinking the beverage, it can be used as a toy to play. In the pattern design, we have selected three kinds of cute bear animals to correspond to the taste, namely "chocolate-panda, strawberry-polar bear, banana-brown bear", the cute animal images meet the psychological needs of children. The two ears of animals They are bottle caps and ring buckles, which can allow drinks to be hung on children's schoolbags and other items for easy portability.



Tibet has a long traditional culture and rich natural resources, but the development of local products is slow, and there is no better packaging design to promote. In order to help the sales of Tibetan products and stimulate the local economic development, we plan to design packaging for regional products in Tibet. Let these products enter the life of modern urban people. Our first product chooses Tibetan incense. The raw materials of Tibetan incense are all from the Tibetan plateau. Originally, most of them are used in Buddhist sacrificial activities, lighting Tibetan incense, praying to the gods, which means good. . The products have three kinds of floral fragrances, all of which grow on the Tibetan plateau, namely snow lotus, saffron, and gentian. We will graphically process the three kinds of flowers to make the flower patterns recognizable and exquisite. In the design of the packaging structure, we combine the pull-out structure with the moiré animation. When the product is pulled out, you can see the visual effect of the flowers rotating and opening. This opening method has a sense of ritual before prayer. This Tibetan incense is both ornamental and interactive.

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