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Hi! My name is Robert. I am graphics designer and art director living in Moscow. Graduated Moscow Art-Industrial university “Graphics Design” path and British Higher School of Art & Design “ Visual Communications” path. I love to design creative packaging for consumer’s pleasure use. I have an opinion that creative packaging for daily use should cheer up the mood and visual aesthetics. Also functionality of packaging is an important aspect of designed goods.


Challenge Baby hygiene is very important, but how to explain this to small kids? While bathing babies often get upset and start crying. So how to reduce parent's headache about this sensitive process? Solution More than anything, children love to play. Akio is a Japanese-style bathing tool that turns bathing process into a fun and interactive game. Parents can play with children attracting their attention with an interesting package. The removable kimono will surprise a toddler, grab their attention and change his or her attitude to a bathing process.

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