4411 Park Blvd. Suite 201 San Diego
United Kingdom
Employees: 2 – 10
Beverages Body Food

Making your mark is how we make ours.

We like our independence and we love finding yours. From brand identity to packaging, we’re obsessed with function and driven by design. We work with progressive brands who dare to do it different and want the world to know.

We like to have the sort of relationship with a client that’s honest, open, and respectfully challenging. We want to push you to your fullest potential and that’s not always comfortable, but it’s almost always right. We promise to push you, to deliver on time, to exceed your expectations, and to give you what you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Bex is a designer-focused studio, meaning we’re free of account managers and salespeople. It’s creatives working directly with clients, providing a unique access to the team and communication that’s streamlined, efficient, and effective.

Based in San Diego, California, our studio doesn’t really look like a “studio.” We walk our dogs, have our burrito spot, know the neighbors, and enjoy the creative flow.