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We are Bulldog Studio
We are a creative studio specialized in packaging and branding, based in Barcelona,
We are a team that finds beautiful solutions, yes, but always functional for your brand.
We are experts in giving you what you need and doing it for your peace of mind.
We are creative. We are visual. We are explorers.


Joan Arrufí, one of the great winegrowers of the Terra Alta, sketches and writes down all the nuances in his inseparable notebook as if he were an alchemist. The author's notebook is the main protagonist of the design. Each wine becomes a technical sheet, a page full of notes written by the author himself. As a result we obtain a unique and personal design.

Solid organics

As its name indicates, solid soap and shampoos, that's where the idea was born, something hard, strong, that lasts over time, but that at the same time offers pleasant sensations to your skin. That was the axis that structured the naming and graphic identity of this project. For the packaging line we worked on simplicity, minimalism without losing information, we wanted to be very practical and, above all, for the range to be visual and beautiful.

Grrreat thunbeerg

Creation of the brand and packaging of a beer, this label must explain how a designer understands sustainability. Project for the Finnish paper company UPM Raflatac, for the global launch of the new Rêverie 3 series of papers. The concept was the social revolution on sustainability, the demonstration and the use of the banners used in them. Recycled paper and project made entirely by hand.

Miel 8

The main concept of the design centers on the Octane Dance of bees. The Eight Dance or dance of the bees is one of the most beautiful manifestations of the hive. When foraging worker bees discover a new food source, they return to their comb and proceed to inform the rest of the bees in the colony of the positioning, location and distance of a food source (nectar, water, pollen). , etc…). This dance, in the shape of an eight, will mark the exact coordinates of your location with the sun as a reference. Having a number as naiming gives it modernity and differentiation. A closing label, which plays with the typical color of bees (yellow and black), which helps us describe the product. As a result, we obtain a modern and very visually powerful design.


Synthesize three happy dogs of different sizes and of indeterminate breed. Each dog and color is linked to a different hardness of the product that also coincides with the size of the dog, smaller size = lower hardness, larger size = higher hardness. The product itself appears in the dog's mouth, giving the impression that it is he who is holding the ball with his mouth, thus creating a very visual, fun packaging with a strong emotional component and great impact on the shelf, standing out from the competition. The pack is made of 100% recycled and recyclable material, and has a fastening system that does not require any other external element.

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