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With more than 25 years of experience, estudiopg is a Valencian design studio that develops branding, packaging and digital projects: creative solutions for physical and retail environments, advertising campaigns and much more. We have worked with both national and international clients and have extensive experience in the creative world, in which we stand out for being specialists in packaging and production, working side by side with oenologists, oilmakers, printers and the best professionals in each field. Our team of designers believes that the strategy and context of each different client is key to solving each assignment. Therefore, we share the creative process and collaborate with each of them personally. "At estudiopg we don't just focus on making brands work. We want brands to communicate, tell a story, inspire, have fun. Have a soul."

Haza del Fresno

Haza del Fresno extra virgin olive oil is a special oil made with the utmost care and with all the benefits that the exclusive consumer needs. The lands located at the foot of the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park, in the province of Jaén, enjoy more than 50 hectares of dryland olive groves with more than 400 years of history. This natural reserve allows the production of a high quality EVOO, considered a SUPER FOOD that concentrates all the necessary benefits to increase your energy and protect you against stress in your daily life. This exclusive product is bottled in three different varieties: Extra Virgin, Premium and Organic.

Gin City

Premium gins that pay homage to the cities in which they are inspired. A metropolitan brand that stands out on a map texture with a strong urban character. The city wraps the bottle creating a sensory game between light and touch. From the red that symbolizes the modernity and eclecticism of a city like London, to the blue of a coastal city bathed by the Mediterranean such as Valencia.

Boca and Waterfall

Presentation for a new "Gran Añejo Premium Dominican Rum". From the choice of the transparent "Hook" bottle, to the paper, the gold and serigraphic inks and the materials, everything revolves around a story of pirates, reefs, ships and shipwrecks, which acts as a common thread between the origin of the product, its great quality and the consumer. Every detail counts in an exclusive, elegant product with a long rotation.

Vegamar Selección

Vegamar Selección is a range of 5 single-varietal wines, created from the same concept, the stains on the labels represent the experience, knowledge and tradition of the people who make the wine. But they are also the terroir where the vines are grown, its rivers and valleys. They are also the mark left by the consumer when picking up the bottle among the rest.


Range of wines from the land of Castilla that bring to mind the love of nature that inspires feelings. The floral illustrations represent the subtlety of nature and are accompanied by small quotations inspired by wine which, together with the Roman typefaces, make the product a poetry.

565 MSNM

Organic extra virgin olive oil that comes from millenary olive trees located at 565 meters above sea level, in the Caraita ravine. The brand is represented on a line that simulates the horizon, in the same way that the olive trees are located above sea level, in addition, the intense green refers to the color of the first pressing of the olive in the mill.


Three signature wines and three young wines with a handwritten image on an index card label that take the consumer to the wine classroom, where to feel the authentic, the real, the human and the traditional. Inheritance of more than 3,000 farmers, 10,000 hectares of own terroir full of wisdom, open to the future and international markets.

Bodegas Hispano Suizas

Corporate identity, positioning and image project for the wine range of Bodegas Hispano Suizas. Impromptu in 2006 was the first sauvignon blanc with a black label and dark bottle, which broke the established format and set the basis for the entire collection. Elegance and metallic finishes for high-end wines with a die-cut that adapts to each type of bottle, reminiscent of the traditional "Château Petrus".


Allegreto Rosae is a fruity rosé wine, with a wrap-around label in pearlized paper, the brand name and the musical notes are die-cut to reveal the wine's tone. The stopper is made of silicone, it is personalized, with a transparent capsule and in a transparent, high-end bottle with straight shoulders. It supports high speed on the bottling line with perfect ejection of the die-cut parts.

Metrovalencia redesign

On the occasion of the new line 10 in Valencia, which connects the city center with the area of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències and the neighborhood of Natzaret, we made a new design and image for the streetcar that will be continued progressively in the rest of convoys of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana (FGV). With the new design, the identity of the "m" of Metrovalencia is reinforced by linking it to the Generalitat Valenciana through the corporate red color. In addition, it gives visibility, renews and enhances the entire unified image of the public company, which coincides with the launch of line 10. The project, in turn, aims to make public transport visible through design, encouraging and inviting citizens to participate in its use and betting on sustainability, in order to fight against climate change and advance in decarbonization.

Viña Amézqueta

Amézqueta is a small municipality in the province of Guipúzcoa, located in the Basque Country, which is characterized by the important forest mass in its surroundings. The label depicts the different textures of tree bark to distinguish the range. Each wine thus has its own personality and its image lingers in the memory, recalling the abundance of oak groves and forests in that area.

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