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Omdesign is a 100% Portuguese creative, advertising and design agency for whom the pursuit of excellence is not just a goal. It has been in our DNA since 1998, and it is a way of being and embracing each project as unique, only achievable with great demand, attention to detail and, above all, consistency.

Excellence is a constant challenge that puts our creativity to the test every day. We are a 360° agency with full-service solutions in different areas, and the transversality and consistency of what we create, from design to production, from branding to packaging, from press to digital, from the point of sale to the final consumer, is what has set us apart since 1998.

We work with design as a tool of excellence to be distinct, which, along with ambition and an endless search for innovative and effective solutions, has contributed to our client loyalty and building lasting relationships with all our partners in all corners of the world.

From Leça da Palmeira to the world, we have created global projects for leading brands in various sectors. The quality and consistency of our creations have been distinguished in top-notch competitions of design, communication, and packaging, nationally and internationally. We have garnered more than 300 distinctions since 2015, and these awards are a valuable recognition and motivation for the entire team. At Omdesign, we believe that the course set from 1998 is the right one, fundamental for the success of the brands we proudly work with, always with focus on excellence.

Gin Adamus Signature Edition 2021

As if it were a page from an old herbarium, the image of the Adamus Signature Edition 2021 gin is dressed in unique colors and transparencies, which reflect the aromas and freshness of this special edition. Adamus Signature Edition 2021 reinforced the super-premium positioning of this Portuguese gin brand, which features now a new pairing and the magic of a perfect combination of botanicals. With a highly impacting and disruptive image in the world of gins, the bottle explores, inside and outside, the elderberry flower as a decorative element that distinguishes it. This identity is strengthened through a game of 360º transparencies that the bottle presents, as a way of enhancing this limited edition to a higher level and, simultaneously, entering inside of the drink, of the botanicals and of their aromas. The printing was designed and produced in this way, in layers, to be read from the outside to the inside and vice-versa. The elegance and simplicity of this beverage mirrors the natural attributes of the product itself. Organic, vegan and with a sublime spirit, Signature Edition 2021, signed by the Master Distiller Rui Cruz, evokes the harmony of nature and brings together the elderflower distillate, the iconic Bairrada’s Baga grape variety and the brand's common botanicals, perfect ingredients for the creation of this handcrafted gin of recognized quality. This numbered edition is presented on the distinctive Adamus bottle, a model that is already part of the brand's DNA, which is now screen-printed with illustrations on the inside and outside that take us on an authentic journey into the world of botanists. The exterior packaging, made of 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper, counts with an eco-friendly design that is an extension of the identity adopted for this Signature Edition and reflects its strong character and personality.

Super Bock Collector's Edition

From the alchemy between knowledge, taste and wanting, the Super Bock Collector’s Edition is born, a special edition, in a production of only 500 numbered bottles of a unique beer with an incomparable flavor and aroma. This blend honors the origins of Companhia União Fabril Portuense (CUFP), the current Super Bock Group, and pays homage to the microbrewers responsible for its genesis. Super Bock Collector's Edition, a beer to share, collect or simply contemplate, combines the knowledge of the masters with the flavor of malts and results from the perfection that is only available to those who, day after day, try to do more and better and seek what was never reached before. This unique nectar, designed for “connoisseurs”, is presented in an exclusive bottle, which was adorned with a screen-printing that reproduces the original panels of Augusto Gomes placed in the production room of Leça do Balio. These portray the craftsmanship and work of the artisans, who transform the cereals and hops, and where the agency looked for the detail that illustrates this Super Bock Collector's Edition. Its individual box, created and produced in cork and cardboard, also has two tall glasses, specially chosen for a good sharing moment, raising this beer to a level never seen before in the brewing universe. The Super Bock Collector’s Edition original bottle, where the gold of the cereals and the boilers illuminates the mastery of the craftsmanship, was inspired by and recreates the old bottles used by CUFP. The detail of the swing-top sealed in red exalts the artisanal character of this blend, in which all the colors refer to the brand's DNA and, together with the metallic logo, reinforce the premiumness of this beer, designed essentially for collectors who value excellence, exclusivity and new experiences.

Niepoort Bioma: The key to a Vintage with the knife in teeth

Niepoort, recognized company producer of Port wines since 1842, launched a special edition limited to 100 units, that is entirely inspired by Dirk Niepoort, one of the most emblematic and charismatic ambassadors of Port wine. A 5th generation member of the family, he is the face, soul and audacity that inspired the agency's creative team to create this original “Vintage with the knife in teeth”, which reflects the spirit and tradition of Niepoort, who bet on and gave everything to produce this unique wine. The first 100 members of the new club receive a unique key in oxidized bronze, which allows exclusive access to “Rolf & The Collectors”, under the motto: “For each key there is a lock, for each lock a door and behind each door, an experience”. Produced in oak wood with screen-printed elements, “Rolf & The Collectors” reminds, in its shape, an old toolbox. Inside, there is a bottle, four hand-painted tiles that together reveal the famous sentence: “Tu podes, assim tu queiras!”, which means you can since you want to, commonly used by Dirk, and its cork back was designed to allow them to also be used as coasters. It also counts with a booklet, that invites us to explore and walk through the essence of this project, with the Crocs in serigraphic varnish that guide our reading across the legacy that Dirk has guided in recent years. Specially designed and created for this packaging, there is also an exclusive wooden board with a green leather handle and a numbered knife, which embody the concept of this “Vintage with the knife in teeth”. The numbered label is a unique and innovative piece, which embraces the original screen-printed bottle of the Niepoort Bioma Vintage 2017. Inside, there is a small comic strip, which illustrates Dirk and the corridor of keys of his father, which can be detached and used, for example, as a postcard. Each label has an irreverent image, reinforced by the modeled relief and stamping foil, and is manually applied with resin medals featuring illustrations created.

Quinta Maria Izabel Glou Glou

Quinta Maria Izabel Glou Glou is a homage wine, a special product launched by Quinta Maria Izabel, a wine company from Douro with products internationally recognized for its superior quality. The image signed by the Portuguese agency, presents an innovative character, reinforced by the strong identity created by the Portuguese agency to emphasize the unusual nature and boldness of this edition. It is a different wine, that allies several friends, different arts and two cities (Oporto and Lyon) and that honors and does justice to the region that has seen its birth at the hands of the reputable winemaker Dirk Niepoort – the Douro region. With a central positioning on the labeling of this edition, the painting that pays homage to Nini, the Jójó’s three-legs female dog, elaborated by Jakè, a street artist, is highlighted not only by its positioning but by the surroundings as well. The 360º sleeved labels mirror the original works of Jakè who, during a trip to Oporto, utilized an ancient dictionary bought from a used bookstore to apply as the background image of these unique pieces. “Glou Glou”, by its turn, is the famous expression that Jójó proclaims, invariably, whenever he opens a bottle. Inspired by this story, the agency was challenged to create something different and innovative and to give life to this narrative through contemporary and bold packaging, in which each bottle contains an illustration and is adorned by the manual effect of a dictionary paper that is embracing it, granting it with a highly distinctive aspect. The sealing wax and the remaining materials and finishing chosen by the agency, as varnish, modeling relief, pasted fine paper and the vibrant colors selected, ensure and reinforce the premium positioning of this edition. This wine, which has travelled the world while diffusing the memories of Nini by its storyteller Jójó, alongside the art of Jakè and the mastery of Dirk Niepoort and Quinta Maria Izabel, is available in two different versions that can be seen as collecting and that are only different in terms of colors.

João Pires wines

José Maria da Fonseca has chosen once again Omdesign to sign its novelty: the João Pires Rosé wine. In 2020, the creative agency had already refreshed the image of the iconic João Pires Branco, a Portuguese wine that is a reference, in Portugal and across borders, and that is produced since de 70s. The image adopted for this new product, painted with pastel pink tones, aims to convey a more feminine side of this “delicate and floral wine”, produced from Moscatel de Setúbal and Touriga Nacional grape varieties. There were selected differentiating materials and finishes, namely stampings, varnishes and fine paper. Similarly to João Pires Branco, which counted with the vine of the Moscatel vineyard illustrated in high and low modeled relief, the João Pires Rosé labeling is also adorned with a bouquet of roses, which intends to attest to its freshness and its sensorial character. In its turn, the brand is kept highlighted in the central position of the label, preserving its original colors. The goal of the agency was to bring to the label the lightness and youthfulness of this beverage, perfect to be enjoyed in uncomplicated consumption moments, typical of hot Summer days. In addition to the packaging, the agency from Leça da Palmeira was also responsible for the photo shoot that complements this launch. To Omdesign, the look of this new reference solidifies the brand positioning amongst current and new consumers, while portraying and reinforcing José Maria da Fonseca's values and tradition in the production of wines, since 1834.

Pedras Experience

Pedras Experience is a unique, sensorial and interactive museum space that introduces all the essence of “Pedras”, a natural mineral water 100% naturally carbonated. Integrated in Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park, owned by Super Bock Group, which belongs to the Carlsberg company, this new visitor’s centre offers experiences for all family, at the same time that tells the history of the century-old mineral park of Pedras Salgadas and of the brand, founded in 1871. With a strong presence of water and nature throughout the whole path, Omdesign has thought in each area to better mirror the history, DNA and vast collection of Pedras. The visit starts with “A viagem da gota” [The journey of drop] film that shows the 100 years cycle of this 100% natural water. At Pedras Experience, there were recreated former scenarios of various times, such as a spa, a lab and a King’s bedroom of the end of 19th century. At the area exclusively dedicated to Pedras, it is possible to see the evolution of the brand’s image and advertising since its origin up to the present. To make the visit more realistic and engaging, the visitors are invited to travel to the past throughout an interactive experience, with recourse to 360º goggles showing a period movie (of the twenties) and a present movie. Also the stories of employees and clients of the Park were remembered and are told in first person, through the movie “Testemunhos” [Testimonials] created to describe memorable and unique moments lived in Pedras Salgadas. Thought for the whole family, Pedras Experience has areas of animation and interactivity, proper for all ages, namely for children. It is also possible to customize a Pedras label, to choose the favourite scenario and to take home, at the end of the visit, a customized Pedras bottle. Omdesign was responsible for the Pedras Experience’s identity, image, concept, production and installation, as well as the design, development and contents of all audiovisual and digital section, namely a website, an app which works as an audioguide, films, among other materials.

Quinta de Ventozelo olive oil

Quinta de Ventozelo, one of the largest and oldest Douro estates, has launched its limited edition Quinta de Ventozelo premium olive oil, created by a Portuguese advertising agency. This is an extra virgin olive oil, extracted from the best olives from the century-old, native varieties on this emblematic estate, located on the left bank of the Douro. The 400-hectare estate has 30 hectares of olive groves. For Quinta de Ventozelo olive oil, which is presented in an elegant 500-ml bottle, the advertising and design agency took its inspiration from the tree that produces this typically Portuguese product 'the olive tree', which is prominently embossed on the label and also on the external unique and differentiating packaging.

Fotobiografia Júlio Resende (1917-2011) book

To celebrate Júlio Resende’s centenary of birth, one of the most emblematic Portuguese painters of the 20th century, Omdesign created and produced the book “Fotobiografia Júlio Resende (1917-2011)”. It is a unique edition, with approximately 300 pages, that aims to pay tribute to the artist, as well as to portray his life and works. Inspired by the drawings, paintings, photos and thoughts of Júlio Resende, this photobiography has a minimalist layout, enriched by the artist’s works. Following a chronologic timeline that illustrates the complementarity between the master’s life and job, between 1917 and 2011, this book allows us to come closer to the intimacy of Resende’s look, to his lessons and promotes, simultaneously, the drawing as a way of thinking and seeing the world. To Omdesign, the biggest challenge was to create this unique work of great artistic-cultural emphasis, written in life by the author, able to faithfully mirror and perpetuate his character as an artist.

Quinta do Piloto's Moscatéis - Family Collection

Quinta do Piloto Moscatel de Setúbal Family Collection and Quinta do Piloto Moscatel Roxo Family Collection are two rare Moscatéis from Quinta do Piloto. They are very exclusive wines that carry the legacy of four generations of Cardoso family in a chest that transports us on an authentic “journey through time”. This edition of only 25 bottles of each Moscatel is presented in two luxurious packaging and each one of them enhances the uniqueness of these “jewels”. They are a true ode to the past and a tribute to the founder of this historic house on the Setúbal Peninsula known throughout the world for its production of superior quality nectars and unparalleled Moscatéis. The entire project was conceived in detail and carefully worked, where each piece was specially designed and produced with distinctive shapes and materials. From the exclusive silver spoon, created to calmly enjoy these rarities, to the uniquely designed decanter, from the Cherry wood to the Alcantara chosen, all the pieces were designed and developed to give a unique aspect to this edition, honoring the singularity of this very special Family Collection. The colors chosen are distinct and, at the same time, identifying of the Quinta and of the region. The creative inspiration was an original bottle of Moscatel de Setúbal to make the exclusive decanter that is adorned with a collar and has several elements that refer to the cinema theatre in Palmela, built at the behest of Humberto da Silva Cardoso. These special editions offer to taste a century of passion and dedication of a Palmela’s historic family and carry inside, in addition to a 50cl decanter and an exclusive spoon, two glasses, a booklet and a certificate. All of this is locked in a chest with a unique key, made of gold and silver, which highlights the rarity of these Moscatéis de Setúbal.

Dalva Pure Vintage

The renowned Portuguese company C. da Silva, which has a century-old tradition in the production of unique Port wines, launches Dalva Vintage Pure with an image signed by Omdesign, affirming its commitment to the production of sustainable wines. In line with the environmental concerns that the company has always defended, Omdesign was inspired by the preservation of local biodiversity and carried to this Vintage the sustainability values associated with this product and the brand, whose production methods comply with the cycles of Nature and rely on with as little intervention as possible. With a minimalist design, which adopts earth and nature tones, the agency created for this project an exclusive illustration of a branch of a vine, which occupies a prominent position, as a sign of the respect for the environment that the Dalva brand defends, especially in this Port wine, whose grapes are preserved through the Organic Production Method. Reinforced by the sustainable and recyclable materials and selected finishes, such as fine paper and relief, Dalva Vintage Pure expresses all the purity and character of the Douro region. The exterior packaging was developed in line with the labeling and shares the same finishes, and was produced in Kraft cardboard, highlighting the most natural, ecological and sustainable aspect of this edition.

Aguardente Espírito

Omdesign wore the Aguardente Espírito of elegance and daring. This premium product by José Maria da Fonseca, a producer from Azeitão, recognized in Portugal and all over the world for the high quality of its wines, now has a powerful and appealing image, enriched by the details and finishes selected by the creative agency. The label and necklace, both in 360º, paint this wine brandy (aguardente) in brown and cream tones and adorn its image with a play of reliefs and gold stamping, which reveal the differentiating character of Aguardente Espírito, produced from the noble Moscatel grape variety. With the choice of an elegant bottle and glass bartop, Omdesign illustrates the uniqueness of this distilled beverage, which can also be extended to the exterior packaging, produced with a wooden top and bottom, with the motherhouse logo screen printed, and taking up the entire bottle by a card coated in fine paper, which mirrors the patterns present in the labeling. This set thus reinforces the superior positioning of Espírito, aged between 40 and 50 years in used oak wood casks, which is now presented to the market with unparalleled elegance and delicacy.

Kopke Colheitas 1940 Day & Night

Kopke, the oldest Port wine house, chose 2020 to launch, simultaneously, its Colheita Tawny & White Ports 1940. Signed by Portuguese agency, these two unique nectars celebrate the 1940s. The creative agency created the Day & Night concept and highlighted a half-moon symbol around Kopke’s seal representing, metaphorically, the cycle of days and nights, repeated for eight decades, that were necessary for the precious ageing of these wines, which assures and emphasizes the exclusivity of this special edition. This duo, that preserves 80 years of history, can be bought as a pack or separately and is available in very small quantities. The colour contrast proposed by the agency of Leça da Palmeira enhances the cycle of day and night on Earth and reinforces the chromatic DNA of the brand. The fitting of both packages and the symmetry adopted make these packaging complementary and distinctive, at the same time that reflect the differentiating and innovative character that Kopke represents since 1638. Composed by materials and finishing as high relief, stamping, screen-printing, fine paper and lacquered wood, which grant them with a quality perception and strengthen the brand awareness, the packages are adorned with elements that symbolize the rays of light and the solar eclipse, the inspiration of the agency’s creative team for the conception of these two cases. Kopke Colheita Tawny 1940 & Kopke Colheita White 1940 witness an extraordinary year, although lived between the instability due to the Second World War and the severe losses incurred in the year’s poor harvest. The low yields, result of a very wet winter and spring and an extremely hot and dry summer, were worth for the remarkable and unique quality of these “exceptional wines from wartime”.

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