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Sand Creative is a brand identity and packaging design studio that tells the story of your brand.

We create and uncover stories that are unique to the brand, and we present them back through crafted packaging and engaging off-pack communications. Within each project we enjoy a close collaborative process with clients and creative partners who have a passion to create distinctive brands with great packaging.


The Yowler conducts the centuries old ceremony of wassailing, where bad spirits are driven from the orchard and good ones are welcomed in. At dusk a cup is shared amongst the gathering crowd to celebrate the new blessed crop of apples. The Kent Cider Company's Yowler is a dark and fruity, sparkling apple cider celebrating this blessed crop. Sand Creative worked with the Kent Cider Company to widen its consumer base, by creating a new cider that would appeal to a younger, more discerning drinker who wanted an alternative to the main stream offerings. After the successful launch of Yowler 3 more ciders were created that each celebrate a different pagan festival. The designs are design deeply symbolic and inspired by the pagan wheel of life, ancient traditions, seasons and celebrations.


Armagnac is a grape-based spirit with a 700 year old history and is produced in the region it’s named after – Armagnac, in Gascony, Southwest France. Rabastas is distilled and bottled in Gascony and is inspired by one of the region’s most famous legends, the musketeer d'Artagnan and his fellow adventurer - his horse Rabastas. Great enjoyed straight over ice or in cocktails, the branding shows Rabastas with d'Artagnan in his profile, symbolising the perfect mix.


Sing Gin is a family-owned gin. The founders live in Kettlesing village deep in the Yorkshire Dales. This ‘area of outstanding natural beauty’ inspired our gin’s elegantly uplifting character and the Sing name.Sing Gin’s brand identity was inspired by the local UNESCO world heritage site of the Studley Royal Water Gardens. Here, you can find a small temple reflected in a tranquil lake and it was this that is represented by Sing’s central shape and stunning gold and blue colour palette. At the top of the temple, a gargoyle with botanicals woven into his hair and beard stands guard. A screen-printed tree-line design then wraps elegantly around the bottle and uses translucent ink to reflect the qualities of the water in the lake.


We created the brand identity and packaging for Cyrano Armagnac, inspired by the legend of Cyrano de Bergerac. The famous french play written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand is based on the real life character from 17th century France.The design features Cyrano's sword within the Logo which is written in a blackletter style, still popular in 17th Century France. Supporting descriptive font Garamond also takes its influence from 17th Century French typographer Jean Jannon. Other details include an illustration of the Sun representing the 'Sun King' Louis VIV who was the french monarch of the time of Cyrano de Bergerac. ​

Henderson's Cider

The Henderson's range of ciders from the Kent cider company offer a range of traditional ciders. To communicate this traditional aspect the packaging is inspired by different areas of Victorian design. The toffee apple takes inspiration from old circus posters, the Elderflower is inspired by botanical book plates and the Spiced cider models itself on Victorian elixirs.

Whistler's Storm Tea Liqueur

Whistler’s Storm is the newest alcoholic tea brand to hit the market. Their liqueurs offer something new and exciting; a unique, flavoursome pairing of two quintessentially British pastimes: tea drinking and drinking…Sand Creative were briefed to communicate the heritage of the tea with an impactful design. Taking inspiration from the brand's name ‘Whistler’s Storm’, the visual solution became clear - a playful and beautifully illustrated ‘Storm in a tea cup’.

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Shepherd Neame has an established history of producing award winning lagers. They identified opportunities to extend their portfolio into the very top end of the lager market and produced an ultra premium lager. Cinque, five grain premium lager, combines Shepherd Neame's brewers’ expertise with the finest quality ingredients, to offer this high end complex lager from Britain's oldest brewer. Brewed with five different grains, a smoother beer has been created with a more complex flavour, making it unlike any other lager.


Troo's mission is to make people as passionate about gut health as they are. There is growing evidence that shows how fundamental gut health is for us to live a long, happy and healthy life. Our gut health can have a huge impact on our physical and metal health and well being. Learning more about gut health has inspired the creators of Troo to create a range of gut healthy food. Their first products will help you to get off to a gut-healthy start; delicious award-winning granola packed with natural ingredients - gluten free, low sugar and high fibre. Our array of characterful birds of paradise encapsulate the vibrant, fun, colourful and healthy nature of the brand. Troo Granola, Porridges and Tea can be found in major supermarkets and health stores. It is also the first Granola to move to completely plastic free packaging.

The Marksologist cocktail range from M&S

'The Marksologist' is range a premium collection of ready-to-drink cocktails from Marks & Spencer. Created to the highest mixologist standard they are designed to replicate the in-bar drinking experience of a 5-star cocktail bar. To communicate the authentic cocktails, the provenance and history behind each recipe has been highlighted within the designs. Each label is decorated with subtle details, stories and recipe suggestions.The consumer is also encouraged to shake or stir the cocktail and finish with a suggested garnish and serve in the correct glass. The designs contain a mix of beautiful embellishments. Embossing, de bossing, hot foiling, high build screens, premium inks and die-cut labels can be seen within the designs. The bottles were chosen for their cocktail shaker silhouette then powder coated to protect the contents.

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