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For 19 years, global art direction agency Servaire & Co has specialised in creative journeys for leading and disruptive premium and luxury industries.

Luxury is about emotions. Moments in time which leave an everlasting mark on whoever is willing to experience them to the fullest. Servaire & Co has been crafting these experiences through a sharp and fresh design-making approach, with a challenger spirit.
As a global creative agency specialising in strategy, branding, design, visual merchandising and content for luxury and premium brands worldwide, we are committed to building brand narratives that provide impactful and meaningful creative springboards.

We believe that creativity is first and foremost a human adventure. Every day, we mix our talents and various backgrounds to face creative challenges with passion and rigour. As design is strongly rooted in our agency’s DNA, we combine our passion for creation with the most up-to-date technological and industrial knowledge to identify and respond to emerging consumer insights.

A multi-award-winning agency, with more than 26 Pentawards, including 2018’s Best Designer of the Year for Sébastien Servaire.
The paragraph mark § best describes our ongoing vision: writing positive and modern stories for renewed and sustainable brand experiences. It is at the very heart of our identity.


Through telling staries great and small, diptyque demonstrates its desire to create History here. To make a contribution to the history of perfume, or to take a playful approach to the art of perfuming the skin and thus invent new techniques. Just like its fragrance collection, in which each scent is born of a poetic dialogue between an illustration and a perfumer, imbuing a drawing with a unique aroma, the idea for this brand, which considers itself to be both "perfumer and artist," was to imagine new ways of wearing perfume. ln so doing, diptyque continues the quest for innovation that began 10 years ago, in order to offer its customers consistently inventive and meaningful experiences. Just like its three founders-an interior designer, a designer, and a painter-diptyque is the story of different perspectives whose interactions resulted this time in a collection of prêts-à-parfumer. Blending the unique perspective that the house's artists bring to perfume with a new medium of expression: what if perfume, invisible on the skin, were a physical abject? Combining this notion of tangibility with the perspective of a team of designers who define new ways of wearing perfume using motions familiar to fragrance levers: what if perfume were an accessory? What if tattoos became perfume? Translating this vision with the perspectives of artisans who create ingenious materials that absorb and amplify fragrances: what if perfume were fa bric? What if perfume were ceramic?


The ICE box was designed as a block of ice, whose facets represent both the crystals and the seven organoleptic facets of XO cognac, which are revealed to the taster as the ice cubes are diluted. Closed, it contains the "fire" of the cognac. Once opened, it can be used as an ice bucket, with the tongs placed under the bottle, and kept as an object in its own right. This creation also represents an innovation from a technical point of view. All facets and opening elements are integrated. The two parts of the bucket are interlocked by the continuity of the inner facets (male and female) on the edges. It is a real partnership between the brand and the agency for the development of this project.


The hourglass range, emblematic object of the house patented and created by the agency in 2012, sets an innovative vision of what perfumer and artist can mean, as is it made of eclectic inspirations and reshapes the home fragrance category. This reissue renews the poetic promise to make perfume and time interact through a new way of perfuming one's home, with an ever more exclusive design. Each of the six scents now has a unique silhouette or finish for their glass refills. Its cold-diffusion technology, delivers the perfume notes through ingenious wicks that are now multiplied to expand the diffusion.


A surprising twist on the traffic sign, Arrow is a metallic arrow-shaped case embossed with the name of one of the 29 cities in the collection. Each destination, which echoes one of the house's great commercial epics, figures the distance separating it from the crayons in Reims. With this surprising, customizable facade, the result of a complex assembly, Servaire&Co is pushing back the limits of packaging and seizing the opportunity to transform a simple animated packaging into a real souvenir box, a customizable decorative collector's item.

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