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Driven by the desire to highlight the know-how and history of demanding brands, the studio's approach is based on a Crafted Design approach.

The studio was born from the desire to offer brands our experience in order to highlight their history. We attach great importance to exchange, collective intelligence and quality of execution on each project entrusted to us as if it were our own. Together we define brand strategies, names, create labels, bottles and packaging.


Doburoku, also known as Nigorizake (meaning "cloudy"), is an unfiltered sake made according to ancient methods. This sake, little known by the general public, has the particularity of being very sweet and not very alcoholic. Its consumption remains very marginal in the world.


The bluebird, also called Sialia or more commonly the bluebird, is a North American bird known for its beautiful, brilliant blue plumage. The story goes that in the middle of December in the seventeenth century, a terrible cold fell on the Ellesmer regions in the northern Canadian Arctic archipelago. A cold so terrible that it left little chance for the living species that populated the region. Seeing the junipers die one after the other, a band of bluebirds decided to save the last berries of these endangered shrubs by making a long journey to more fertile lands.  The journey began. After several months of exhausting flights, and after seeing green landscapes where life was flourishing, the birds decided to stop. They are now in Burnley, Lanchshire, England. Dropping the berries they had carefully carried in their beaks to the ground, nature's magic worked and from the berries grew juniper trees, the like of which no one had ever seen in the area. A local distiller, enamoured of the bluebirds and the treasure they had brought back, decided to distil the berries into a unique gin. And so Blue Birds Gin was born. Burnley locals even say that on some winter evenings, the Sialia can be seen flying majestically.

El Libertad - Rum collection

El Libertad is an adventure consisting of 4 chapters. The story of an adventurer who finds himself working in the Dominican sugar cane fields during the colonial era. Immersed in the happy and painful memories of his past, he starts to drink more than he should to escape his daily work. As he sinks deeper and deeper into the recesses of his soul, he gradually resurfaces and overcomes his demons to emerge stronger, having gained a better understanding of himself. A difficult climb, punctuated by delirium tremens, which will finally lead him to find peace and true happiness in the present moment.

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Great Days

Great Days is a branding project built around an original typographic design. The challenge for the studio was to create an image that was both strong and unique in order to break the codes of the industry. The illustration was done by hand in order to keep a certain spontaneity and bring a human touch to the brand. Using the strong symbol of the red rose, translating passion and love but also character, thorns. Between traditional Victorian style and modern graphic design, Great Days aims to be a bridge between the generations and addresses both the quincagenarian lovers of coffee liqueurs and the young epicureans wishing to discover new flavours.

Terraroma -- Amandes de Provence

The real almond of Provence A passion, from father to daughter. The story begins in the heart of the beautiful Plateau de Valensole. With love and gratitude for the beauty of Provence, Pauline Jaubert is the 4th generation to continue the family's passion for lavender and almonds from Provence. Since her childhood, she has been bathed in the sweetness of the Provencal nature. The taste for excellence and a job well done are her fundamental values and characterise the spirit of the family business. Today, Pauline works in close collaboration with her father Jean-Pierre and manages two shops where the family products are sold: almonds from Provence, lavender, honey and natural cosmetics.

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