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The GORYANIN BROTHERS studio has a wide range of competencies in the field of branding, marketing and Internet technologies, graphic and industrial design, architecture and interior design.
We are involved in branding at all stages: we create the fundamental brand attributes: brand positioning and platform, naming, slogan, corporate style, packaging design, create and promote digital channels – applications, website and social networks, develop and conduct advertising campaigns.


Any brand is primarily a name. You might not have expected to hear this opinion from the experts in design, but it is true - in theory the organization may not have a logo, but the name will always be there. Brand names may be different, for example, acronyms (IBM, BMW), component (Microsoft, Gazprom), descriptive (Martha Stewart Flowers) and even fictional (Kodak, Yahoo!). As for the names of public institutions, medical, for instance, here the situation will be different from that with commercial structures. Previously, the 'Toksovo District Hospital' were GB customers - the name informs of the location (Toksovo is the name of the village in the Leningrad region), the 'Leningrad Regional Hospital' - the name tells us about the administrative organization, and after all that we started working on the corporate identity for 'Maternity Hospital # 10'. Even at the planning stage, it became clear that # 10 is the sole identifier of the institution, because the name 'maternity hospital', informs only about the profile of the institution. In the process of work on the visual concept the brand designer of Goryanin Brothers picked number 10 out of the name of the organization, turning it into an interesting metaphor. Firstly, the designer drew the number 10 using the simplest of all possible scripts, and then began working on the stylized 0. As a result of the search for the desired shape the symbol emerged, gently hinting at the pregnancy. Because of the common abbreviated name for the facility, we were able to use letters meaning 'maternity hospital' under the symbol. Interestingly, the inscription can be viewed both as a logo (i.e. the name of the organization) and a strapline (i.e. the caption disclosing the sphere where the brand functions). At the same time, the inscription is functional - it highlights the scope of the brand activities, making the trade mark unique. Selection of a color scheme and the further development of the organization’s identity were focused on building a warm and restful image, reminding of a cozy European hotel rather than, for example, the dentist's office painted in cool tones.


Creation of the public image for the coffee house Pastéis and coffee began with a search for national Portuguese motifs. So, as the main theme for the design, we chose Portuguese painted azulejo tiles. Based on these tiles, a complex corporate pattern was created that determined the mood of the Pastéis and coffee corporate design. The pattern has become a fundamental element of identity. The logo developed later matched the overall aesthetics of the design and the mood of the cuisine. Development of packaging was an important part of the work, since packaging is what every visitor of the coffee shop sees. Besides, packaging is perceived as part of the product. Thanks to the original brand pattern, the packaging design differs from the common 'coffee house' design. The interior of the cafe was also developed with the use of azulejo tiles. However, it was decided not to standardize all interiors of the chain, but to try to individualize each joint, while organically fitting it into the environment and context.


ORANGE BLACK represents a line of nutritional supplements essential for modern humans. Nutrition of modern man is such that the body constantly receives less omega-3 acids and other necessary substances than he is due. This is often the cause of atherosclerosis, vascular and cardiac diseases, as well as disorders of cerebral circulation. The corporate identity of ORANGE BLACK is focused on male consumers attending the gym and playing various sports. When developing the concept of the brand, Goryanin Brothers immediately abandoned the trivial, almost cliché, design attributes for the category - images of bodybuilders or inscriptions in metallic ink. The brand designer used other techniques. The ORANGE BLACK logo was made in capital letters - this made it stronger. The chosen colors have highlighted the goods among the competition, and thanks to the use of large symbols in the design, the packaging looks brutal, resembling a product from the world of Nascar racing. This appearance attracts potential consumers. For two products - omega-3 and Q10 coenzyme, the designer created different color layouts. This makes it easy to distinguish the packages, but at the same time when selling a set of two products, the combination will look harmonious. For easier access to information, icons were used in the design.


Royal Wedding is a premium wedding agency from St. Petersburg, which has not only more than 10 years of experience, but also many prestigious awards: Royal Wedding has not once become the best wedding agency of the year, and the weddings organized by the agency were in the lists of the best, including the list of the most brilliant weddings of the year. Royal Wedding's style is grand, but not pretentious. It is high society, but not ostentatious. Luxurious, but without glamour. Stylish, but without false affectation. It is elegant, meaningful, with an appeal that does not depend on changing design trends. Like fine wine, like natural chocolate, like impeccable perfumes, this style carries a variety of notes and sensations. Using signature colors, it can be intense and solemn or, on the contrary, restrained and elegant. Most importantly, this design is capable of making an impression from the very first glance. The brand block consists of three self-sufficient elements: the crown sign, the lettering of Royal Wedding and the slogan. The shape of the crown is made to look close to the letter W. The crown is used as a symbol representing unity and reliability. The main part is drawn in a single closed line, which according to the designer's idea is a reference to the concept of infinity. The crown also resembles a necklace (pendant) or a knot. So that the large lettering part would not look overloaded, the designer creating the Royal Wedding inscription rejected typefaces with serifs and small strokes, on the contrary, the edges of the letters are rounded. This gives the letters a stylistic resemblance to the sign of the crown. Thanks to the specially chosen proportions, the lettering looks uniform and elegant at the same time. The devised slogan "At first sight" is a part of the unspoken phrase "Love at first sight". It is used in two senses: first, it refers to the strong, sincere feelings of the couple, and then, in the second sense, it focuses on the agency - the slogan conveys confidence in the right choice of the company responsible for such an important event in a person's life. The slogan anchors the character of the promoted brand firmly in the mind.

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