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Founded in Belgium in 2007, Pentawards was the first and is now the leading competition exclusively devoted to recognising excellence in global packaging design.

Now in its 16th year, the Pentawards competition has received in excess of 20,000 entries from over 64 countries globally since launch. Each year the Gala Ceremony is held in a different location around the world, with 2020 being the first virtual event, and the winners are featured in the exclusive The Package Design Book.

Committed to recognising excellence in design and connecting the global packaging community, alongside its annual competition Pentawards also hosts a variety of international conferences and events.

2021 Diamond – Best of Show, Eminente Reserva by Moët Hennessy, France, and Stranger & Stranger, UK

With its crocodile-shaped logo and textured glass bottle, this rum was inspired by its native Cuban land that locals call “Isla del Cocodrilo” (Island of the crocodile). The front label reveals the brand logo and product description using embossing, debossing and hot gold stamping. The back label, in the form of a train ticket, is an invitation to board for a trip to wild Cuba. Each back label is individually numbered, making each bottle of rum unique. With sustainability in mind, the bottle is produced at the nearest glass manufacturer in Mexico, the labels are made from cotton by-products of the textile industry and are affixed by hand in Cuba, and the intricately engraved bottle stopper is made of sustainable cork and wood coming from FSC forests.

2020 Diamond - Best of Show,  Air Vodka by Air Company, United States

The stand-out factor of this design for our panel was the marrying of sustainability and luxury. The Air Co.'s mission is to be the most sustainable alcohol brand in the world resulting in the world’s first carbon-negative vodka brand. Through a collaboration with a partner, Air Co. created a reusable and 100% recyclable bottle boasting a minimal design that reflects a modern-day aesthetic with a premium finish. To minimize material usage, the labelling was kept to a minimum and adhered with a custom-made, natural, non-toxic adhesive that allows it to be easily removed so the glass bottle can be kept for other purposes. Furthermore, all printing is fully carbon offset with tree planting in South and Central America and clever label messaging actively encourages consumers to reuse the bottle once finished.

2019 Diamond - Best of Show, Xbox Adaptive Controller by Microsoft, United States

Designed for gamers with limited mobility, the Xbox Adaptive Controller perfected the out-of-box experience in accessible packaging.Using insights gleaned from beta testers and UX respondents, each element of the packaging and unboxing experience had accessibility front of mind. The company developed a “no teeth” principle, as those with limited mobility often resort to opening packages with improvised movements, including using teeth. Key elements that were incorporated include loops, which are highly proven levers to assist in accessibility, and an open cavity area under the controller, making it easier to remove the controller from the box.

2018 Diamond - Best of Show, Mutti by Auge Design, Italy

This limited-edition range of traditional Italian tomato-based ingredients was been given a new lease of life, with a blend of past and future through an intricate system of symbols, that not only represent the different types of tomatoes and sauces in the range but that also become a powerful pattern, resonating throughout the entire range. Starting from the original format, the range was adorned with a new glamorous and luxurious feel, and with a high-end gold foil finish contrasting with the ivory silkscreen surfaces.

2017 Diamond - Best of Show, Starck Paris by Perfumes y Diseño

Philippe Starck, originally known for his product, industrial, architectural and furniture designs, ventured into the fragrance industry with the perfume label, Starck Paris. This is a collection of three perfumes—feminine, masculine and unisex. The concept involved creating three distinct and independent designs that would work together—both the bottles and their packaging—to form one sculpture. The fluid nature of the design creates connectivity between the three fragrances, which is consistent throughout all aspects of the collection.

2016 Diamond - Best of Show, Domino's by Jones Knowles Ritchie

Over the years, Domino’s pizza packaging had become overloaded with generic information that had lost impact with consumers, while the brand mark had become relegated to a small endorsement. Redesigning its delivery boxes in the UK enabled it to become the definitive article again, and this meant taking a bold and simple approach to replace the clutter on the boxes and focus instead only on the brand’s distinctive two-color logo. Since 96 percent of all Domino’s pizzas are sold in pairs, the brand’s pizza combo deal was used as the basis for the new design, with one red box and one blue. The result was an open invitation for sharing that said don’t order a pizza, order Domino’s.

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