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We are A|S, a full-service creative agency that specializes in packaging design & brand creation with additional brand support such as website design and communication creative. We combine strategy, talent and knowledge to tell stories that transform products and services into brands.



We thought of the people who go for interviews or pitch an idea, only to be rejected. Of how much talent has been wasted just because someone said "no" at a crucial moment. We thought of the story of Michelangelo. How in 1501, when he was still young, took a rejected piece of marble and transformed it into David, one of the greatest works of the Renaissance. That discarded marble inspired us. We found pieces of marble that no one wanted, pieces that would end up in the rubbish, and created packages for a high-quality olive oil. Each such package was unique and highlighted the beauty of its marble. We named this pack "YES," in reaction to the dismissive "NO." This corporate gift conveys a message. It's time for 'no' to become 'yes.' Turn negativity and patronising into empowerment. If we get rejected, we try again. And again. There is no such thing as failing. Only self-awareness, self-esteem, and the pursuit of our dreams. It’s time to turn rejection into an opportunity that opens up new horizons and makes us resourceful, stronger, and more creative. We found pieces of marble that would end up in the rubbish, and created packages for a high-quality olive oil.

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Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve's sundried figs packaging draws inspiration from the 18th-century botanical drawings, creating warm and romantic boxes reminiscent of a collaboration between a scientist and an artist. The design encapsulates nature, the product's authenticity, and the traditional values associated with Greek products distributed globally. It celebrates the entire fig journey, capturing the natural beauty and intricacy of the fig tree and echoing traditional sun-drying methods dating back thousands of years, as documented in the texts of Homer. Our mission was to breathe new life into a classic favorite and export the goodness of sunny Greece and healthy snacking to the international markets. We named it Adam & Eve –a nod to those Bible heroes depicted behind a fig leaf- and drew our inspiration from 18th-century botanical drawings. The fig leaf becomes iconic and the colours are drenched in the Greek sun, warmth and hospitality. The sliced a fig is a sneak peek into what makes these figs sweet and flavourful. The range includes jam, salad sprinkles and balsamic fig vinegar, a tribute to one of the oldest superfoods on the world. Adam & Eve's sundried figs packaging draws inspiration from the 18th-century botanical drawings.

GoodLife by Gina

From seeds, flowers, roots, fruits, from the energy of the earth and through the holistic Greek philosophy, emerges light.

Wine Bag

Inspired by fashion whose trends influence the majority of people’s lifestyle, A.S. decided to market a wine targeting mainly women, as fashion accessory. A twist on the rule “the bag matches the shoes” transformed the theme of the idea into “the bag matches the wine”. Made exclusively for Lidl, as a Christmas Limited Edition, The Wine Barrel decided to dispense 1.5lt wine-in-box semi-dry wine. The container was carefully designed to resemble a handbag, with the addition of golden elements to evoke a festive mood. The incorporation of leather texture elevated its appearance, giving it a realistic and expensive feel. To complete the transformation, a red string was attached as a strap, lending authenticity to the bag's design. Creating something unique for Christmas and appealing to female Lidl customers was crucial for the success of this wine. The competition was fierce, especially bottled wines. It was important to develop something unexpected which at the same time would increase sales in the wine-in-box category.


There is an overwhelming array of yogurt products available in the Greek market, each offering different variations in terms of milk sources, fat content, origin, and flavours. However, a new trend has emerged recently, dominating the market: high protein yogurt products. In response to this saturated market, our client sought innovation and tasked us with naming and designing the first high protein yogurt enriched with real egg protein. This groundbreaking product boasts 18%-20% protein content, low fat, and is lactose-free, catering not only to those who prioritize their body as a temple but also to anyone seeking a balanced and healthy nutritional choice. To create a captivating and memorable brand name, we took the root 'YOG' from 'yogurt' and incorporated the 'G' from 'egg,' resulting in the name 'YOGG.' The name is catchy, easy to remember, and injects a sense of fun into the product. It also resembles added value. The design revolves around the name, utilizing a bold and rounded font, with the letters arranged as if they were part of a playful paper-cut game. As each letter is stacked upon the other, it symbolizes the process of building a strong and resilient body. Furthermore, the 'yo' portion of the name remains straight, while the 'gg' section adopts a slight inclination, creating a visually captivating and distinctive interplay within the font and the overall brand identity. Another standout feature of the packaging is the vibrant depiction of fruits, indicating the flavour within each cup. These illustrations exude dynamism and power, with extreme close-ups, bold colors, a lustrous shine on the strawberry, a velvety texture on the peach, and a silky impression on the dollop of yogurt. This not only creates an immediate impact on the visual senses but also serves as a promise for the delectable taste of the product. Diverging from the conventional black background often seen in the competition, our packaging employs a soothing shade of dark blue. This choice not only provides a gentler visual experience but also conveys a sense of balance, harmony, and serenity. With YOGG, we have redefined the high protein yogurt category and created packaging that conveys strength, health, and enjoyment.


We were asked to create the identity of an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, targeted to a demanding upscale Manhattan market. We wanted the brand to convey self-confidence for its superior quality and Greek origin. To move forward we had to look back. At the sun nurturing the soil giving life to the Greek olive tree. At Apollo, the sun god. We named the brand after him and employed golden elements to reinforce the presence of the sun while delivering top quality and a touch of luxury. We followed the life cycle of the olive tree as each gnarl added wisdom and knowledge. Waited until its body was covered in gnarls, until the gnarled trunk took the shape of an offering woman. Until person and kindness became wood. Only then did we turn the wood into glass by keeping its back reminiscent of tree and trunk. Then we poured inside the golden green juice. The real substance. In a bottle that looked like perfume. Valuable. Treasured. Perfume of the earth. Protected inside a box simulating a trunk. The trunk opens and closes sealing what is its valuable secret. And the promise remains unspoiled, written in ink for the moment a hand opens it.

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Mastihashop Therapy

Mastihashop Therapy A series of parapharmacerutical products by Mastihashop based on the precious and unique mastiha resin. Products with active botanical extracts and natural Chios mastic free of synthetic ingredients. The antimicrobial and reconstructive action of mastic, combines beauty and grooming hygiene. The range includes products relating to the treatment and care of face, body and hair.

Ipirotissa Xmas

Since 1978, Ipirotissa has evolved into an exclusive delicatessen, bakery, catering, patisserie and market, presenting exceptional products sourced from all corners of the planet. Its cellar holds from worldwide varieties of spirits and wines to hard to find, limited editions. Its freshly baked traditional Greek pies compete with its unique selection of the finest artisanal pastries. It prides also to be one of the leaders in Yachting Provisions. When tasked with creating festive containers for Christmas, we aimed to break away from the typical holiday clichés and introduce a fresh approach; make the outside of the boxes match the unique and diverse quality of the content. So, we brought the spring blossom into the heart of winter. The resulting illustration depicts a gentle movement, as if a breeze carries delicate leaves, flowers, golden butterflies, and feathers—symbolic representations of small pleasures in motion. This vibrant tapestry of colors, sounds, and sensations encapsulates the joy and enchantment of a blooming Christmas spirit. Upon closer inspection, the artwork reveals a captivating story. It tells the tale of an unexpected burst of sunlight that illuminates nature in the midst of Christmas, giving birth to an exclusive and magical spring. The blooming flowers attract golden butterflies, which upon fluttering their wings three times, are transformed into pure gold by the radiant sunrays. This radiant display then captures the attention of birds, who gracefully descend and find their perch among the branches, filling the air with their melodious songs. The harmonious blend of colors, sounds, and sensations conjures a profound sense of delight and wonder, which warms the hearts of people. This imagery represents the quintessence of magic and joy. It captures the essence of a unique Christmas experience that transcends conventional expectations. Ipirotissa's festive boxes invite individuals to embrace this alternative spirit, celebrating the delight and wonder that emerges when nature and the holiday season intertwine. It is a manifestation of the magic that lies at the heart of Christmas, bringing joy to all who encounter it.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/366dcac4-464b-4a4a-8153-6457ced746e6/ipirotissa_image_6.jpg
Hello Agnes

Hello Agnes cereal bars with natural ingredients marked the beginning of our journey to different places and our encounters with fictional characters. The ingredients of each bar wove for us a flying carpet which transported us to the residing place of the bars creator: Agnes. Agnes transforms according to flavour. She becomes one with the place where the ngredients come from. Every one of her recipes is a ritual to dried fruits, honey, sesame oil, chocolate, and coconut from the four corners of the earth. Agnes guards her recipes from her travels much like others guard maps. To strengthen the concept of handmade, we wrapped the bars in paper on which Agnes wrote her name with a greeting. After that she transcended us and took on a life of her own with one aim: to offer natural and tasty goods. From a girl of the meadows, with pure eyes and a gentle character she becomes an exotic beauty of tropical delights. She emerges again as a wise lady of the ancient lands using ingredients that date back to Hippocrates, changes into a young and innocent maiden and transforms again into a mysterious presence of Middle Earth. Hello Agnes cereal bars with natural ingredients marked the beginning of our journey to different places and fictional characters

Lucky Bread

Every day we are exposed to innovations. The abundance of information makes it easy for the old to fade away, along with our origin and heritage. This is why, for our corporate gift, we wished Happy New Year to our clients by using an art, which is gradually disappearing. We travelled to Marathos in Crete to find the "xompliastres," the women who make the so-called wedding round breads. These are pastries made of dough, adorned with intricate symbols, and crafted with such detail they are almost works of art. Since the personal element was important to us, we gave the women our own symbols for them to mould: The lotus symbolizing optimism. The chamomile which helps discovering the essence of things. The snake, center of the circle of existence. The butterfly evoking transformation and rejuvenation. The dragon for protection. The owl which lights our way in the dark. And many more. Each conveyed its own message, and together they formed our wishes pack for good luck in all new beginnings. Our corporate gift for the New Year to our clients by using an art, which is gradually disappearing.

Logothetis Farm

A thorough market research was conducted in order to frame the market, the competitors and the potential buyers – target users. In addition, mood boards were formed to better express the values and ethos of the company, and to agree on a direction and a design concept (visual representation always helps us get on the same page). Our Starting Point: Do you know Mother Nature? She is to whom we have given the care of the earth, and all that grows in or upon it... Enchanted by the stories, tales and myths about Mother Nature, and inspired by the spontaneity and beauty of real-life moments, we worked towards the creation of a brand for conscious consumers, for people with a true zest for life. After all, the term ‘Mother Nature’ was first coined in our birthland. Ancient Greeks were the first to imagine nature personified as a young and charming woman who represents the source and guiding force of creation. So, regional techniques and fresh ingredients met the magic of branding, design and storytelling. That’s how ‘Moments of Light, Moments of Pleasure, Moments of Magic & Moments of Taste’ were created. That’s how vibrant, playful ideas were born. The farm-to-table experience met the magic of design and storytelling. That’s how we delivered a classic and clean but strong and contemporary identity –with a playful twist– for today’s audience. Cute illustrations, soft pastel colours and an eye-catching combo of logo and selling line made this packaging series easily recognizable and memorable. The packaging gives a warm aura, which is translated into a pleasant and welcoming message for the potential customer. Happy customer? Check! So, what’s the secret ingredient? Creativity and inspiration! These were our guiding stars that set the course towards a design that would be infused with the colors and flavors of Mother Nature, and could turn consumers into adventurous travelers in the land of Greek traditions and recipes!

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/4480f08a-a0fa-423c-8cea-49598d742428/Logothetis_7.jpg

Faris Olive Oil's new identity for the international markets meant we needed to blend Greek heritage with today Creating Faris Olive Oil's new identity for the international markets meant we needed to blend Greek heritage with today. In the logo, Faris’ "a" resembles an ancient clay olive oil dispenser. Our message is conveyed through a simple yet powerful graphic: the line. Undulating lines resemble the Messinian plains, the movement of olive oil as it flows from a jar, chitons of ancient women gathering olives and sometimes the waves of the sea in Kalamata. Everyone is free to see what they want, as golden elements symbolize both the sun and the superior quality of the brand.

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Our team uses strategy and talent to deliver work of any scale or complexity. We work globally with markets as different as Ukraine and Bahrain and categories that vary from food and drink to social messages.

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