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Supperstudio is a spanish branding and packaging boutique. Since it was founded in 2003 by Lourdes Morillas and Paco Adín, it has been working to find the best creative solutions for its clients. Its designs, in which narrative and simplicity stand out, have been recognised in the main packaging competitions. Its list of winners, with more than 120 awards, includes the Pentawards Best Agency received in 2016 and 2021. The signature of its creative director, Paco Adín, is regularly featured in the sector's main publications, as well as being on the jury of numerous international awards.

Build your brand

Brands with purpose and social design are the protagonists of the Build your brand campaign with which Avery Dennison presents its new range of sustainable labels, R Collection. The campaign develops nine packaging concepts for nine different beverages. Avery Dennison invites you to join a revolution where small gestures can make a big difference. Build your brand is a call to action to create responsible brands.

Love is love

All types of love have a place in Love is love, a packaging concept focus on diversity. A tribute that serves as recognition and gives visibility to all types of couples, through a series of illustrations where the geometry of the figures and the color stand out .Love is love is part of Build your Brand, the campaign with which Avery Dennison invites people to join a revolution where small gestures can make big changes. Build your brand is a call to action to create responsible brands.

Only for your eyes

There are more than 1.3 billion blind people in the world. Only for your eyes, aims to raise awareness of the reality of this group. A packaging concept developed exclusively in Braille for a cold brew coffee drink. The characters are represented by an serie of raised dots made with screen-printed ink and screen-printed varnish. Only for your eyes is part of Build your Brand, the campaign with which Avery Dennison invites you to join a revolution where small gestures can make big changes. Build your brand is a call to action to create responsible brands.

El Corte Inglés Selection

Conceptualization and design of El Corte Inglés Selection Masterbrand. The awards and recognitions universe inspire the brand asset of the new premium brand of El Corte Inglés. A proposal that combines gourmet, traditional and denomination of origin products under the same packaging architecture. The proposal articulates the design through a transversal band that divides the pack into three parts and serves to organize all the information and creativity of each category. Based on this architecture and the definition of the Masterbrand, small families of products are designed.

Bon Fromage

The gourmet shop ‘Bon Fromage’ wanted to direct its business towards e-commerce and improve the packaging of its star product: cheese selections to share. The graphic design is inspired by the different shapes. The combination and sum of the pieces results in a print that becomes a powerful ‘visual key’ of the brand and allows the development of a multitude of brand supports such as bags, stickers and wrapping paper. The solution mixes natural and austere materials, such as kraft cardboard, with luxurious finishes, such as stamping.


Lanzal embodies love of the sea, a concept that pays tribute to fishing, product quality and respect for sustainability. Lanzal’s goal was to present itself in the retail with a modern brand that would transmit quality and expertise, and that would be able to connect with today's consumer. The history of the brand served as inspiration to create the packaging concept. Lanzal is a Galician company that fishes, processes and trades frozen seafood and fish. Its large experience, the quality of its products and its commitment to sustainability have been the points on which we have created the new image. Lanzal's packaging concept focuses on the naturalness and quality of the product.

El Corte Inglés

Conceptualization and design of El Corte Inglés Masterbrand. The Spanish brand wanted to reposition the image of its private label through a new communication strategy. The objective was clear: to evolve towards a more emotional communication closer to consumers. The new El Corte Inglés brand seeks to generate links with the customer and connect with consumer's lifestyle, while reinforcing values such as quality and trust, inherent to the brand.

Viñas Altas

Conceptualization and design of Viñas Altas Masterbrand, the winery private label of El Corte Inglés. The family of Viñas Altas includes 10 different packaging concepts under the same visual arquitecture, one for each Denomination of origin.

Young and Beautifood

Identity and packaging design for the brand of gastronomic souvenirs Young and Beautifood. The main challenge was to turn regular products from the pantry into something extraordinary. Young and Beautifood is an example of happy packaging philosophy, a particular vision of design that combines simple concepts, optimism, full colour and a good storytelling.


The thief is the policeman, the lion is the hunter … Chocolocuras is a game, humor and fun. A design that changes only if you turn the tap. Two characters exchange their bodies and their heads to create a new and different one. A different pack for a competitive category.

Los locos de la Bahía

A life dedicated to the sea is a life full of experiences, stories and adventures that give character and personality to its people. ‘Los locos de la bahía’ (The crazy men of the bay) is a tribute to those people who devoted themselves entirely to the sea. This range of wines has three different characters that transform to lend their image to each of the bottles of wine. The illustration style, the ‘old school’ tattoos and the surreal theme are the keys to build the personality of this line. ‘Los locos de la bahía’ is a Spanish brand born on the Basque coast, specifically in the bay of Plentzia, close to Bilbao.

El Corte Inglés Bio

Bio is the new ecological range of El Corte Inglés. A concept fone background color and a system that allows, through color, to make the differentation among several references of each product family. A packaging concept that has a strong presence on the shelves while giving dynamism and allows the easy recognition by the costumer. Bio put a smile on cereals, vegetable drinks, vegetable creams … to talk to consumers with a closer and renewed tone.

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