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At TSMGO | The Show Must Go On we combine emotion and reason. We believe in the transformative power of brands - from the ambition to connect with their target audiences and to express their personality. The essence of branding. We are a boutique branding consultancy which fuses business, strategy, creativity, and design.
TSMGO | The Show Must Go On is a commitment to intelligent design, to creativity at the service of a strategy. A perfect mix between thinking and doing, with each part being precise and tailor-made to fit the needs of each client: your success is our success. Our reward is to help you achieve your goals, to provide an effective solution to give your business a unique and distinctive voice.
We place years of experience and knowledge at your service with the aim of taking your brand and your project to a new level. We only envision our role as one of contributing with values of proximity, understanding, empathy and effective enthusiasm for the end consumer. We are passionate about what we do. We understand the dynamics and uncertainty of the market, and we know it well because we have been on the other side of the table for many years. Everything is clearer from the outside.


Moncalvillo Meadery brings the commitment to create a gourmet mead to fruition, driven by three enthusiasts passionate about gastronomy, beekeeping, and oenology; the three pillars on which this project is based. The challenge was to create, through one of the first beverages discovered by mankind, mead, a brand that would synthesise and capture the philosophy that its promoters apply to their own lifestyle project: maximum respect for the environment (Sierra Moncalvillo), sustainability, and the lever of a committed gastronomy based in unpopulated areas as a narrative. The real challenge resided in encapsulating all these meanings in a brand which would explain the experience of delivering such a unique and authentic proposition to the consumer, seamlessly and without gimmicks. After very promising beginnings and with great impact, the Moncalvillo Meadery gourmet mead evolves with new proposals that open possibilities and options to new pairings. Using well-known winemaking techniques, a new range is launched to expand the frontiers of meads: vermouth mead (metheglin), a solera (biological aging system) and a new one, number 6, from high mountains. The adventure grows with these three new references and the power of attraction of this drink with an exotic character is amplified.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/66df3f8c-b5fd-433f-b08d-4fa5fd41c014/220331_14.Moncalvillo_Meadery_2022EN.docx

Vermouth is currently all the rage, and adults (in the 35-45 age group) recognise that drinking vermouth is a social good, as it encourages relationships and gives a glamorous touch. A social lubricant in increasing demand. Bodegas Salado has a vermouth which does not connect with this consumer. With outdated and depersonalised visual codes, they propose we make it appealing, taking advantage of the fact it is a fashionable, trendy product. At the same time, there is a generational change at the winery, and they want to pay tribute to its origins, both visually and verbally, with a vintage look and feel which transports us back to another time of consumption, in more bar-like environment, enjoying classic tavern surroundings.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/42d1e90c-12a6-42fa-9354-79c744290a4b/Invito_ENG.docx
Pressumia, a haven full of good fruit and vegetables

Pressumia is the place where the most natural and healthy juices are made. A fertile land of creativity, happiness, energy, harmony, trust, attraction, vitality, and imagination. All the flavour of fruit and vegetables from the nearby orchards and crops, picked at precisely the right time, processed in their workrooms to bring you the best fruit and vegetable juices you can find. People are investing in personal health like never before. The global welfare economy is growing at almost twice the rate of the global economy. We are increasingly concerned about our health and what we consume, at a time when we are constantly seeking instant gratification. Every 5 minutes there seems to be a new fad, treatment, exercise, healthy meal, or app related to well-being. With this purpose, TSMGO participates in the creation of a new brand equipped with an imagery that infuses and envelops each of its manifestations. From the naming, to the brand, to taking it to a captivating packaging that stands out on the shelf, attracting attention at first sight to encourage purchase. Pressumia is a fresh, mocking, almost irreverent call to challenge the big boys, because looking after yourself has its rewards as well as a certain degree of madness. Simple but very natural and cheerful shapes that reflect a synthetic realism which contrasts with the colour of the juices themselves.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/da7464d8-dc66-4a15-9089-827e9ba7d735/8.Pressumia-PK_ENG.docx
Guarda de Leda, the essence of sobriety.

Bodegas Leda is a winery, belonging to Masaveu Bodegas, whose peculiarity lies in putting the focus on being a producer of "multi-terroir" wines; wines focused on the premium segment, not restricted to one Denomination, but which seek to extract the best from the main wine regions of the area (Toro, Cigales and Ribera de Duero). Against this background, the winery wishes to launch a new wine - an exclusive selection of 4,222 bottles defined by its selection, terroir and minimal intervention. A decision is hidden under the brand name "Guarda"; only an exceptional vintage will see the light, and not all vintages qualify for the “Guarda” denomination. This categorical measure requires the winery to be extremely demanding in its production. From this definition, of what should be exceptional and demonstrate knowledge, we take the helm to construct a meaningful proposal.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/f31214ba-130a-4b0a-8f71-563827367277/7.Guarda_de_Leda-PK_ENG.docx
A personal vision of Bien Nacido Vineyard.

Miller Family Wine Company launches a new brand to complete its portfolio, a collaboration with a prestigious winemaker (Joey Tensley) who reinterprets the varieties of the vineyard to offer them to the new consumer who is entering the world of wine. Optik is an opportunity to offer a fresh take on the world of wine, highly didactic in its message and with the support of a renowned oenologist and their masterful approach. We provide the aspiring wine enthusiast with a vision through the lens of an expert – an esteemed winemaker who knows these specific vineyard plots inside out and wishes to bring the knowledge and experience they have acquired over many years to the table. An invitation to explore and discover a different reality through the lens of someone who spends countless weeks tending and nurturing what the Bien Nacido vineyard has to offer, through a unique, remarkable presentation.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/2d9723ec-9c7c-468e-936f-1fa073bf74df/10.Optik_PK_Es.docx
GIL-BERZAL, Bohemian Viticulture escaping conventionalism.

Behind a wine is the hand and philosophy of its creator; and that of Saul Gil-Berzal is unruly, rebellious… To escape from dogma conventionalism and return to one’s origins to create wines in the most natural way that reflect the surroundings in which they are harvested. With this premise, we build the concept of Bohemian Viticulture, bringing together all the wines from this small winery and serving as the connecting thread for each of the ranges that make it up. Wines with no tricks, no pretending; bottled moments that transport us to the place where they were born. The intervention of TSMGO has been to give consistency and coherence to this concept in each of its manifestations and to establish a scale across the range.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/f5af428c-dc0f-4e9a-85c5-34b3af9399ab/Gil-Berzal_PK_EN.docx
A modern twist on a traditional dessert

How to make the fardelejo, the most traditional riojan dessert, also appealing to young people? La Queleña renovates its brand with a rejuvenated visual language, based on the Arabic origin of its recipe and its principal ingredient: the almond. We achieve a short time to market, we define the portfolio and reach relevant impacts in media in order to speed the product launch.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/d10d95a0-3780-4dcf-b972-4c02bd961f9d/Summary_La_Quelena_EN.docx
The Hojiblanca Masters

Hojiblanca (DEOLEO) wishes to develop its product portfolio, incorporating a superior segment to the mainstream, in which the selection and mixture of oils represents a more Premium approach. The result is the Blends range, with a tool (Taste Code) to help the customer to identify and select flavours. There is almost an oil for each person and for each occasion. The Hojiblanca Masters offer the best Blends. Oils with a personality and a name of their own, fruit of the nuances which emphasize the oil’s attributes, the fruity flavour, the spicy taste, the aroma: Alegre, Pícaro, Bravío.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/816e9b9c-b456-4f10-8878-e31958157142/Hojiblanca_PK_EN.docx

At a time when we seek to take care of ourselves and monitor the calories we consume, Kaiku believes that we should not give up the pleasure of a tasty dessert. He proposes us to combine in a product that the variables "pleasure not guilty" will soon launch under the zero kilometer work philosophy. A Greek dairy dessert that seeks to revolutionize its category with an "indulgence" approach for a young consumer who is concerned about eating healthy but wants to indulge. From the conception of the name itself, which will evolve from an initial "moments" to the current "mini", everything responds to a strategy of clear differentiation and self-explanation of yogurt in anticipation of its consumption in an iconic and modern way, premiumizing the product. The proposal emphasizes the core values of this product: - Creaminess. - Taste. - Pleasure.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/e5e1053b-c62b-4012-9f27-a8ece9be1def/2.Minis-PK_EN.docx
Exploring and discovering the world of cacao.

KANKEL CACAO born with the aim of offering the market top-level gastronomic experiences, based on the trajectory of a figure of recognized prestige (Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez – National Gastronomy Award). The Bean-to-bar philosophy is simple: to recover the origins and real flavours of cacao, and to return to those unique processes in which no product is the same as another. From the origin of the cacao bean to grinding, through roasting, peeling … To highlight product proximity, a reflection of the artisan origin of producing chocolate tablets that transports us to these terroirs.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/bef76fc1-ea67-4b84-9476-8c2c887385f4/Kankel_EN.docx
Easy Mixers Reinvent the classic cocktail with the “Exquisite Cadaver”

Concept creation for the new brand, Easy Mixers, which elaborates cocktail bases and pre-mixers to make cocktail-making easy, and its transfer to the packaging. Its developers, leading references in the world of cocktails and mixology, wish to innovate with a disruptive product which professionalizes and standardizes the service, taking advantage of growth and new trends in the sector. To be identified at the point of sale, for the product to have an educational nature, as there is nothing of its kind on the market, and to have to instruct on its use. TSMGO’s involvement has achieved in transferring this philosophy to a brand identity and a brand strategy, allowing Easy-Mixers to exploit its full potential. Easy-Mixers is an approving nod at the origins of the cocktail, a way to revisit a love for classic cocktail.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/360510e8-83d7-4a0e-b072-fd535483a00b/EM_EN.docx
Vine Roots The memory of the terroir.

Vine Roots recalls the handcrafted esthetic of the traditional botanical notebooks used by the vigneron in his quest of finding the essence and rescuing the memory of the terroir. An iconic design which serves itself from the handmade annotations and letterhead motifs to show his creator’s caress and detail. We obtain an iconic wine with a powerful storytelling to complete portfolio.

Supporting Brochure or Document: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/c053fd79-5c06-416a-b159-9345dd4fde9f/event/cc7b8a35-b475-4c1b-adaa-f7d592ccd419/responses/77e4c3d1-823e-4b3d-b348-7e01be9d1b44/VR_EN.docx
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