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StudioBah is a branding and design studio based in Porto Alegre / Brazil.

We believe in design as an exponential tool, capable of transforming relationships between people and the universe in which they live.

We combine strategy with creative thinking. Our passion is to help companies to understand and communicate the truth of each business through branding projects.

In the last 14 years we have developed projects for local, national and international brands in different segments and we have been recognized in great design awards, such as Pentawards, The Dieline Awards and IF Design Awards.

Yuper: Live New Periods

Yuper was born with the idea of "menstruation without taboo" as its embryonic concept, believing that women deserve much more, especially when it comes to their health. Seeking to transform the way society deals with menstruation, the brand promotes reeducation and freedom of speech on the subject. In a context in which females have learned to feel shame and even disrespect their bodies, the project directly contributes to promoting the revision of concepts and habits around the menstrual period and delivering informative content about the female universe. The company sells products such as cups and menstrual discs that collect menstrual flow in a way that is much healthier for the body and, through consistent communication and clear positioning, Yuper encourages women to take their leading role in the relationship with themselves, being the central motivation of their choices for a lighter life around menstruation. The conception of the branding work starts with the positioning strategy, unfolding in name, tone of voice, visual identity, and extending in touchpoints that verbally and visually materialize the purpose of the brand.

The Old Man Label

Devaneio do Velhaco (Old Rogue's Daydream) is a brewery and bar in Porto Alegre / RS. The business' idea began literally in a dream: in an imaginary conversation with his grandfather Salvador, one of the partners received the mission to open a brewery in the family's old house in the historic center of the city. Living a moment of expansion, the brewery began to bottle its beers to introduce the brand in other states of Brazil. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a packaging project that would expand and continue the brand experience outside the pub, the main brand touch point with the public until that moment. So it was born the Old Rogue's label, a packaging designed to represent the concept behind the brand and respect the needs of a business that recently completed its first year since the opening.


Pavioli is a traditional company from Rio Grande do Sul, founded in 1968 and specialized in the production of fresh pasta. A brand that is part of the gauchos' memory, associated with different moments in people's lives. In recent years, the company has gone through a generation transition process and needed to rebuild itself in the market. In this scenario, it has become living proof that large industries can also reinvent themselves. From a dive into the brand's history, a strategic repositioning and a brand and packaging redesign was developed. As a result, a new brand and a large set of packaging were presented that recall the history and essence of 52 years, paving the way for new memories of a great company.

Olive Oil:

The brand Olivas da Lua ("Moon's Olives") would officially present its olive oil to the market and, for that, it felt the need for an impactful packaging that would give the consumer the feeling of having a rare product in their hands. Therefore, the work should bring in small details the strength of a high quality oil. The brand name was the inspiration for the construction of the project, where the Moon expanded to a large, bright starry sky, which came to life through the holographic paper in contrast to the dark tone of the label. This artifice provided a new dynamic to the label experience, as the iridescent effect of the material pops out in different ways depending on how the bottle is handled. With this, the packaging project provides the consumer an experience with the product that goes far beyond the taste.

Maira Marques Chocolate Atelier

A micro-entrepreneur opened her chocolate shop to work with what she likes most: chocolate preparation. Before coming to StudioBah, the company already had an identity, but it wasn't representing the essence behind the business. Therefore, the brand sought to position itself, professionalize its product and also create a classic image, inspired by traditional chocolate shops. It was seeking, also, strategies focused on its main products: Nutella Straws, Gingerbreads and Bonbons. Therefore, the work begins with the brand positioning strategy and unfolds into a set of packages consistent with the business intentions. As a result, the new identity and new packaging became a turning point in the brand's life and allowed it to assume a professional character, transcending the atelier walls.

La Birra Craft Beer

La Birra is a craft brewery from the city of Caxias do Sul (RS/Brazil), on the mountain range area. The brand was born as a test in 2015 and quickly became a reference in the beer scene, being today one of the largest breweries and bar chains in Rio Grande do Sul. At the time when the brand started its expansion project, a strategic repositioning work was carried out, resulting in a new and large brand universe, including the standardization of its identity system to guide the opening of new bars and the structuring of packaging to reach the national scene with the entry of its products at points of sale.

Excell Automotive Batteries

Founded in 1991, Inbracell operates in the automotive sector producing electric accumulators under the Excell brand, being today the largest battery manufacturer in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and one of the largest in Brazil. It was noticed the need to restructure the brand so that it would become more striking in the consumer's mind, since automotive batteries are remembered only in unusual moments, not in everyday life. Therefore, in order to make Excell a stronger brand within the segment, restructuring of the positioning, visual identity, product architecture and packaging was carried out, taking the company to a new phase.

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