Monthly Discoveries, April 2024

Monthly Discoveries, April 2024

monthly discoveries

Need a bit of inspiration? Look no further. We're always looking to recognise the best packaging design from agencies worldwide, so we have pulled together this month's most liked from our social channels to keep you inspired

Pentawards, the world's most prestigious packaging design award, not only recognises the best packaging design through competition but also promotes the importance of packaging design through live events and social media. We are committed to being the bridge between excellent design organisations and brands that are always looking for the best packaging design solutions

Take a look below at some of the most popular designs we shared this month across our social media channels.

Tarta de Queso by Estudio Paloma

ESTUDIO PALOMA's packaging design for Tarta de Queso.

The agency delivers a bold design featuring a vibrant yellow background with a touch of authentic Spanish flair.

Find out more about ESTUDIO PALOMA here.

SUSHO by Nikolett László

Nikolett László packaging design for SUSHO.

Designed for convenience, the boxes feature a custom dieline for effortless transport and aim to replace plastic packaging. Reflecting nature's hues, green signifies vegan sushi, blue represents mixed options, and salmon pink denotes fish selections, redefining the sushi experience with every box.

Find out more about Nikolett László here.

Bikini by Cliche Studio

CLICHÊ's packaging design for Bikini.

The studio bring a fresh perspective to the world of self-tanning by delivering a range of stylish, solar-inspired products, pairing bold colours and typography to add character

Find out more about CLICHÊ here.

Dan Huang quail eggs by Tigerpan Design Lab

Tigerpan Design Lab's packaging design for Dan Huang quail eggs.

The agency delivers vibrant and fun designs that resemble cheerful cartoon chicks rather than quails, featuring playful floating letters, dynamic lines, and black speckles imbuing the products with delightful personality.

Find out more about Tigerpan Design Lab here.

Wagging cat litter by Tzou Yun-Da

Tzou Yun-Da's packaging design for Wagging cat litter.

The designer delivers a playful design, depicting a cat stretching and scratching on the litter whilst extending from the flat surface to a three-dimensional representation.

Find out more about Tzou Yun-Da here.

Olive Young by Studio fnt

studio fnt's packaging design for Olive Young gift box.

The packaging design features a tilted olive-shaped oval symbol, utilizing consistent angular multiples and various size variations to visually express the brand's 'healthy beauty' ethos dynamically. Olive Young's updated color system enhances contrast and vibrant imagery, structured hierarchically for adaptability across different mediums.

Find out more about studio fnt here.

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