Monthly Discoveries, August 2023

Monthly Discoveries, August 2023

monthly discoveries

Need a bit of inspiration? Look no further. We're always looking to recognise the best packaging design from agencies around the world, so we have pulled together this month's most liked from our social channels to keep you inspired.

Pentawards, the world's most prestigious packaging design award, not only recognises the best packaging design through competition but also promotes the importance of packaging design through live events and social media. We are committed to being the bridge between excellent design organisations and brands that are always looking for the best packaging design solutions.

Take a look below at some of the most popular designs we shared this month across our social media channels.

Angelic Cleansing by ZWQY Lab

ZWQY Lab's packaging design for Angelic Cleansing

The design beautifully merges tenderness and charm, using unique packaging shapes like butterfly and flower caps that evoke care and warmth whilst accentuating the brand's gentleness. Sans-serif typography complements the soft design theme, enhancing the overall appeal.

Find out more about ZWQY Lab here.

Gelateria Enrico by Lettera 7

Lettera7's packaging design for Gelateria Enrico

Dosing the colour and paying attention to the smallest details, the Italian agency simulated the work of a skilled pastry chef to bring to life playful face illustrations that appear shiny and soft, recalling a delicious chocolate track whilst adding playfulness to the design.

Find out more about Lettera7 here.

Hotel Tango Distillery’s 2023 Pride limited-edition by Young & Laramore

Young & Laramore's 2023 Pride limited-edition packaging design for Hotel Tango Distillery

The agency teamed up with Jun Ioneda, a Brazilian artist, to develop a design that embodies the essence of "Fervo é Luta," meaning "To party is to fight/resist" in Brazil's LGBTQIA+ community. The outcome is a vibrant design system that brilliantly captures the spirit of celebrating Pride month and more.

Find out more about Young & Laramore here.

Cantina Pizzolato by O,nice! Design Studio 

O,nice! Design Studio's packaging design for Cantina Pizzolato

Using surreal-style labels to arouse wonder and interest in consumers, the design brings together novelty, aesthetics, and sustainability through the use of recycled paper and hot stamping solutions with unusual and decisive structures and colours.

Find out more about O,nice! Design Studio here.

Isles of Wight Tomatoes by B&B Studio

B&B studio's packaging design for Isles of Wight Tomatoes

The studio pushes the branding on from an expected red and green world to a vibrant yellow colour palette, delivering a brand identity that leads to the sunshine theme. A new star icon is introduced to suggest a tomato calyx, whilst tying the identity together across a broad range of products.

Find out more about B&B Studio here.

Beyond Distilling by Jo Cutri Studios

Jo Cutri Studios packaging design for Beyond Distilling

Working in collaboration with painter Lauren Elise Kennedy, the agency delivers a fresh and elegant design where each bottle is inspired by the landscapes of Western Australia.

Find out more about Jo Cutri Studios here.