Monthly Discoveries, June 2021

Monthly Discoveries, June 2021

monthly discoveries

Need a bit of inspiration? Look no further. We're always looking to recognise the best packaging design from agencies around the world, so have pulled together this month's most liked from our social channels to keep you inspired.

As the most prestigious packaging design award in the world, Pentawards not only recognise the best packaging design via the competition but also promote the importance of packaging design through live events and social media. We are committed to being the bridge between excellent design organisation and brands that are always looking for the best packaging design solutions.

Take a look at the below for some of the most popular designs we shared this month across our social media channels.

Tenuta Tortorella by nju:comunicazione

nju:comunicazione’s design for Tenuta Tortorella olive oil encapsulates the unique range of characteristics that makes the product what it is: the rich history of the place, the olive, and the company.

A simple ‘T’ capital letter makes up the logo, redesigned to resemble an olive tree and a sixteenth-century arched door, native to the area. This is further complemented with intricately designed flowers to resemble those found around these arches, and placed in the middle of round-shaped labels.

Find out more about nju:comunicazione here .

Oat Haven by Maitrey Mandrekar 

Oat milk packaging concept for brand Oat Haven by MIT student Maitrey Mandrekar designed to appeal to the growing vegan community in India.

Using 200ml rounded bottles that are not only easy to stack but are great to grab on the run, the illustrations and pastel palettes give the product a friendly and eye-catching look whilst helping customers distinguish each flavour.

Find out more about Maitrey Mandrekar here .

Freshrich Juice by Sergey Golodyaev

Sergey Golodyaev's bold branding and packaging design for Freshrich Juice, where flavour dictates the key design feature with bold colour coding.

The designer's chosen palette, use of icons and handwritten logo build a strong personality, with playful colours making the brand look young and fresh but still sophisticated.

Find out more about Sergey Golodyaev here .

Cientocuatrogrados by Diego Gallego Studio

Diego Gallego Studio's design makes artisan jams brand Cientocuatrogrados escape from the traditional.

The Spanish studio chose a colour palette that veers away from the category norms. Colours are not attributed to flavours or according to the colour of the main ingredient, but instead using a palette that complements and makes the natural shade of the product stand out.

Find out more about Diego Gallego Studio here .

MONDAY by Anna / B Hughes 

Anna / B Hughes' unique design for the one of a kind MONDAY hair care line.

With an ultramodern aesthetic and branding, the bottle design for MONDAY haircare is instantly inviting and recognisable. Adorned with a blush pink, rounded corners and a minimalist touch, its enticing form is finished with a bold debossed logo that’s the cherry on top of a shampoo bottle that makes you want to take a shower and pamper yourself.

Find out more about Anna / B Hughes here .

Peak by Belu Design 

Peak set out to challenge the drinking culture and pioneer a new healthier way to socialise. With this in mind, the brand was designed to be daring, empowering and exciting.

Belu Design uses a playful and vibrant colour palette inspired by the natural ingredients of the drinks, while shapes reflect the way Peak makes you feel, whether that be balanced, energised, or simply in control. These are paired with illustrations by Oscar Torres that embody what the Peak culture is all about: a brand that’s not afraid to be different.

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Find out more about Belu Design here .

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