Monthly Discoveries, May 2024

Monthly Discoveries, May 2024

monthly discoveries

Need a bit of inspiration? Look no further. We're always looking to recognise the best packaging design from agencies worldwide, so we have pulled together this month's most liked from our social channels to keep you inspiredin

Pentawards, the world's most prestigious packaging design award, not only recognises the best packaging design through competition but also promotes the importance of packaging design through live events and social media. We are committed to being the bridge between excellent design organisations and brands that are always looking for the best packaging design solutions

Take a look below at some of the most popular designs we shared this month across our social media channels.

Mr. Sushi by  After Brand Consultants

After Brand Consultants' packaging design for Mr. Sushi.

The agency crafted bold, modern typography to enhance the brand's visibility from afar and introduced a unique character, Neki—a blend of a cat and maki—that adds charisma and stature, revitalizing the brand's presence across all platforms.

Find out more about After Brand Consultants here.

PIN Vodka by  Eduardo del Fraile

Eduardo del Fraile's packaging design for PIN Vodka.

Crafted from compostable and biodegradable materials, the bottle features an ergonomic design for comfortable use. The typography captures the elegance and simplicity of the penguin, achieving a harmonious blend of graphic elements.

Find out more about Eduardo del Fraile here.

Mother by  Creative Partner Studio

Creative Partner Studio's packaging design for Mother.

The studio delivers a design that offers a tactile experience akin to holding an oyster with a concealed pearl, mirroring the essence of the product itself.

Find out more about Creative Partner Studio here.

Woner by B&W Graphic Lab

B&W Graphic Lab's packaging design for Woner.

The designs feature detailed fish and meat illustrations that are sure to make anyone's mouth water, whilst cutlery motifs on the pouches add playfulness and complement the cans perfectly.

Find out more about B&W Graphic Lab here.

Dageraad Brewing's New Slang Series by Memory Studio

Memory Studio's packaging design for Dageraad Brewing's New Slang Series.

The series was designed to push to the edges of the brand world, standing out from its Belgian-inspired core and seasonal lines. The illustrations, inspired by the W. A. Dwiggin’s ornamentation, depict a fine balance of playfully arranged elements that rearrange and evolve with each new iteration of the product.

Find out more about Memory Studio here.

Terre di Vita by Numeroquattro

Numeroquattro's packaging design for Terre di Vita wines.

Each bottle is a tribute to Giuseppe Vita's grandparents, who are the main characters of the design. The illustrations capture the distinctive features of their faces and tell the story of a family that passes down their land and its fruits from generation to generation celebrating their legacy and the land they cherished, mirrored in the wine’s sophisticated and subtly playful notes.

Find out more about Numeroquattro here.

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