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Broody and Mother Design have teamed up to create a complete brand identity for the launch of Biodegradable chewing gum Nuud, just in time for International Earth day.

To challenge the problem of single use plastic contained in conventional, synthetic chewing gums and disrupt habits associated with the market, Nuud is a brand-new plant based, plastic free chewing gum that biodegrades at the same rate of a banana skin.

“Most people don’t know that regular chewing gum is made of single-use plastic and isn’t compostable.” Says the brand’s founder Keir Carnie.

With the task to visually support Nuud’s messaging and goals as well as compete with more familiar brands, Broody and Mother Design collaborated with Carnie to deliver a complete brand identity that’s bright, playful and approachable.

Rather than placing the brands’ ethical viewpoint at the forefront of the design and to avoid coming across “too worthy”, Broody and Mother Design set out to create a universally accessible concept with the aim to stimulate active engagement first by making it visually appealing.

The packaging is adorned with bright, eye-catching colours and lively typography, with the key elements of the identity including a logo inspired by a clean, happy mouth. The brand’s messaging is integrated within the playful aesthetic through the use of a mascot ‘Charlie’, designed by Korean illustrator Daye Kim, that provides a fun, approachable personality to their mission. This is further complimented by the strapline “chew plants, not plastic!” unapologetically displayed at the top of the pack in black bold font.

“The visual identity perfectly expresses the brand’s personality and message – it has helped make the product universally appealing and accessible. Best of all, it makes our product stand out and feels instantly iconic.”

Both product and packaging carries the Plastic Free Trustmark from A Plastic Planet .

Find out more about Nuud packaging design by visiting Broody website , Mother Design website or Instagram account .

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