Coca-Cola unveils brand-new look to accompany updated Coke Zero design

Back Coca-Cola unveils brand-new look to accompany updated Coke Zero design

The Coca-Cola Company has revealed a new unified packaging suit for its Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Diet Coke, following the new recipe and design update for Coke Zero in February.

In-keeping with the company’s ‘One Brand’ Strategy launched in 2016, the design update across the suit follows Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s new recipe and design shared earlier in the year, yet maintains distinctiveness between the options.

With a clean, simplified design the core focus became about the iconic elements of the packaging and using those to create a “simple and intuitive navigation system”, a key component being the colour scheme.

The brand’s original and universally-recognised colour red is used for both Original and Zero Sugar, accompanied by the same classic font so as to almost mirror each other. However, to indicate distinction between them, Zero Sugar uses black font whereas The Original maintains the traditional white. The new design also proudly raises the Coca-Cola logo to the top of the label, as a visual metaphor to uplift. Diet Coke’s signature silver background and red logo also gets the revamped treatment, with a minimalist aesthetic and raised logo positioning, to sit within the range.

The design and recipe will be supported by a “Best Coke Ever?” campaign, set to appear across TV, digital, and social media platforms, engineered to encourage consumers to try the new taste and spark debate about which is their favourite.

“In unifying and simplifying the design system across all three variants, we can extend the iconicity of our logo and brand to our no sugar drinks and encourage more consumers to try Coca-Cola Zero Sugar or Diet Coke.”

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