Good Juju’s zero plastic, non-GMO soap bar packaging by Arithmetic

Back Good Juju’s zero plastic, non-GMO soap bar packaging by Arithmetic

Arithmetic delivers packaging design that’s in harmony with nature for Good Juju soap bars.

Good Juju make all-natural, plastic-free home and body care products. The brand’s ethos centres around the power of natural ingredients, with a deeply felt connection to the patterns of the universe, and a mission to restore balance and harmony and transform the world for good.

"We’ve been amazed and humbled again and again by the power of natural ingredients to change and improve lives. These experiences fuel our immense passion and respect for the earth and its offerings."

Arithmetic, founded fifteen years ago from a vision for living a cultured, happy and healthy lifestyle, shared this passion for wellness and sustainability.

With this attitude in mind, Arithmetic skillfully incorporates this shared ethos in every detail of the brand’s shampoo and conditioner bar boxes, with each element carefully crafted to lessen its environmental impact.

The bars are enclosed in a millboard sleeve, the core of which is a waste by-product of the paper manufacturing process, then wrapped in a tactile FSC-certified uncoated stock.

The inner tray is made from non-GMO green cell foam. Since the entire pack required the highest amount of compostable packaging while still securing the product and meeting regulations, this inner foam gently protects and holds the product in place and then can literally be dissolved down the drain.

Green cell foam is a corn-based foam packaging replacement that you can compost or dissolve in water by simply washing it down the sink at home.

For the Typography and graphic elements Arithmetic used the golden ration as layout inspiration to ensure a harmonic balance and express a connection to the scientific beauty found within nature, further complimented by a muted, earthy colour palette. These elements work together to communicate the sustainably centred ethos and high quality of the brand.

For more information about the design visit their website or follow them on Instagram .

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